3rd person ideas poll


But then, with first person only you will be visible! That’s a huge difference in terms of gameplay


yes but you guys are only thinking in pvp aspect here, where UNTURNED 4 IS A SURVIVAL GAME. please get into your heads that it wont be pvp focused.



Btw the best survivor games are first person, the long dark anyone? If you seek immersion, nothing beats first person, this is world wide accepted.
I agree on the vehicle thing tho


Look at this though you cant tell me this is balanced, he has a 360 degree view of everything around him, you can peek weird angles and peek above things with this, along with if it is truly free which it seems like it is, look through things by alt looking so your perspective is inside the wall, possibly giving you whats on the other side if you are close enough.

Also I dont see at all how you can soundly defend peekers advantage. I want 3rd person in 4, but you should really consider the fact that peekers advantage is really prevalent.

Also yes it is a survival game, but you will be fighting players. No matter what you do no AI can every be as dangerous as a player without directly cheating, because a player cant build trust with you and then pop you in the back of the head. Survival games, imo are meant to force player interaction out of dire need for resources. Unless you exclusively play on PVE, you still will be fighting people, and no one wants to lose hours of playtime to someone using freelook to peek up and around something and kill you because they know exactly where you are


ever heard of fallout 4? what about Astroneer. State of decay? and so on.

also, isnt the long dark a survival HORROR game? horror games usually dont have third person.


I like driving in 1st person. It feels nice


I agree but probably that third person that Nelson used is a placeholder. Or at least I hope


Those games have 3rd person because they are not online games.


So now you claim that zombies are not a horror thing?? :thinking:


Yes, but plenty of online survival games have third person as well. ffs, you guys act like third person is some “Pay to win shit” that is overpowered.

also, mentioning the “everyone having nukes post” everyone would have the nukes fire at everyone else if someone launched a missile. Everyone would die, so there wouldnt be a point in launching one.

You would call unturned a horror game… Im disappointed. yes, 4.x may be more scary I guess, but its not a Fucking Horror game.


Even in vehicles I don’t mind 1st person, but I can understand that others feel uncomfortable with first person, because of how it makes them less aware of their own character. IRL a person can sense more than just what they can see or hear, but due to the nature of video games they are limited to sight and sound. 1st person provides less information than real life, 3rd person provides more, some people may feel clumsy in first person, but some people would abuse the information they can gain through 3rd person.


No, it’s not.


you know, im starting to get sick of people spamming Remove first person because they are triggered they got killed by someone using it.

Everything takes practice, using third person does as well.


Two words: corner peeking.

If I’m behind a wall and I use third person, I can peek around it to see you coming way off in the distance. You however, are unable to see me at all, even with third person.

Both players having something OP doesn’t make it any less OP. The nuclear weapons analogy was spot on.

This is 100% unrelated to skill and is flat out unfair.

Edit: since I have a feeling you’ll come up with some iffy-at-best counterargument, I’m going to literally go ingame and demonstrate third person abuse at its finest.


In Unturned 2 you’ll have more survival, more “scary” and “dangerous” monsters so yes, survival horror might fit.

About third person, I’m not speaking in anyway of being OP, that’s a wrong way to see it.
Third person simply breaks the game.

Being able to camp behind a wall fully covered, and in the meantime being able to see everything around you… How to you call such feature in a game based on pvp, or that at least will have in gun fights in a survival envoiroment it’s core gameplay?

I say broken.


Look, im done. If you guys want to argue about whether or not third person is removed or not, do it. Im sick of people being so obsessive over this. Ive run out counters to the Same Damn thing so Im done. you guys can argue. But hear this, the majority of people in unturned use third person. removing it would cause massive backlash from most of the community, whether they are kids or not. Maybe Im wrong. who knows. I use third person not for pvp, but because I can see my character and have a nice look at myself, instead of opening my inventory to see myself constantly in shadows or something.

I want to keep third person because it helps add to the things you can do. The reason I voted for it switching to first person when you aim down the sights is because that helps fix some of the problems people seem to have with it.

@m4djoker as I said right above, Im done arguing. I need to take a break from this forum for an hour or two to cool off, or Im going to get extreme with what Im saying.

cyall later. If I show up, and say something again, yall can dis me however you want. Im going to play scp:CB Unity remake now. goodbye.


Unturned and Unturned II are separate games and not being marketed to the exact same demographic.


I’ve been completely civil. The fact that you’re dismissing a potentially valid argument (and one that isn’t “the same damn thing”) just tells me that you’re not open to the level of civility you yourself are asking for.

Enjoy your break, while we continue to discuss this because this is a forum, and we can.


Like it or not they will have the same demographic

Under same name, so players will flock, similar graphic requirements so you wont be losing too many people and the beta is going to be mostly to show off movement and guns, its going to be the same demographic sadly


Not necessarily.

A lot of people, if not most, play Unturned for its PvP-centricism, and I’ve heard from a lot of these people that they don’t like the way Unturned II is headed.

I’d expect a different demographic (albeit with similarities).