3rd person ideas poll


Nelson may attract some of the same people, but he has stated that he won’t deliberately cater to the Steam Forums and such anymore and instead focus on making the game that he wants to make.


And anyways there will be official servers so who knows what perspective nelson will use for the vanila game.


So as far as I see

-Wider view that is more similar to human eye
-People are used to 3rd person
-Lets you see your character
-No motion sickness (this used to happen to me)
-Driving cars is more tolerable
-No massive gun obscuring your view

-Decreased skill cap due to peekers advantage
-Lots of possible exploitation
-Less immersive
-Less interesting firefights

Is that everything?


I also remember the q and e bug. Not sure if it is still there.


The first person models of weapons don’t have to be unrealistic.


I personally don’t like the current m4a1. But I’m pretty sure it is placeholder.


That’s using free-look in third-person. Free-look is also available in first-person.


Games render things using LOD’s which are basically just different objects with radii that determine the detail for how far away they are. This doesn’t change unless you’re using a really weird engine.

let’s say that the blue circle is you and the green circle is an enemy player. The red is an object.
The green player will always still exist regardless of if you’re looking at it or not.


LOD algorithms play only a small part in rendering. Many games use a form of frustum culling, which doesn’t render what’s outside the camera’s field of view. Some games will also use a form of occlusion culling, which doesn’t render what you cannot see.

Unturned 3 does have some forms of culling in place, too.

SCUM uses Unreal Engine 4, and is the game people are basing this idea on to begin with. Players aren’t rendered until the game engine determines that you can be seen. There’s a lot of stuff they have factor in (such as camouflage and awareness mechanics), but if you aren’t familiar with the game you should check it out.


Okay so, as I said earlier, here’s a totally easy way to visualize why third person isn’t balanced, even considering skill.

We have a hypothetical and very reasonable situation; two players looting a city. I’ve labelled two players, Player A is blue and Player B is red. Player A happens to be out on the street killing zombies, but he’s smart enough to stay near buildings as potential cover. However, player B has caught him off guard and is corner peeking.

Both players are using third person, have the same skill level/gear, and are as situationally aware as they can be when looting a town.

As you can see, this isn’t some crazy scenario where one person is stupidly in the open. They’re both trying to make use of corners and sightlines. Assuming that Player A is smart enough to be looking in Player B’s direction, we see this:

Player B (Red)

Player A (Blue)

Player A is using third person yet has no hope of seeing Player B. Player B however has perfect sight and can stage an ambush very easily.

No matter how much skill Player A has, in this situation he’s screwed and has zero chance of knowing Player B is already there. All of this could easily have been avoided if third person was disabled for both players, since they’d have to both see each other at the exact same time. Firing in third person doesn’t matter, it is spotting in third person that makes all the difference.

@Aj_Gaming hopefully this makes as much clear sense to you as it does to me. There’s no assumptions or metas involved at all; this is simply literally how third person functions in PvP. And to many of us, this is why it’s just too unbalanced to put ingame. You mentioned using third person only for non-PvP purposes, but I can guarantee you everyone else will abuse it for PvP.


Thanks for the corrections, I had no idea about SCUM I’ll check it out


third person is way to op!! we need to also remove all the guns bc their way to op and make it so that we have to use rakes



That is a terrible analogy.

Edit: Actually I’m an idiot and I think I took your sarcasm a different way.


alright, I guess your right. what I’d meant about pvp is that in the open. (as in a field or something) You still have to be good at pvp to win a fight, whether you have third person or not. I had realized that peeking around corners was op, but In my idiocy, I ignored that reasoning.

maybe if we had a combination of option 3 and 4, maybe it would work alright with 3rd person? I dunno. Tbh, most of your guys reasoning is alright, and 3rd person can be OP, but maybe with enough tweaks, it wont be more OP if your around a corner.

sorry for being unreasonable.


personally I think adding/removing 3rd person makes for different gameplay. I think if PvP servers choose to add and remove it then it’s their choice. As Nelson said in the interviews, he doesn’t want to completely remove stuff for more “realistic” survival gameplay, he still wants it to be fun.

sidenote: if 3rd person in 4.0 is smoother, and the camera pans around when you turn around/follows you on a smoother pattern, it will make for smoother and better gameplay experience.


I cant belive you guys didnt come up with this solution before but what if we just you know … Remove the corners? Think about it without corners nobody can peak around them right?
Or just make it so you can us 3p for like 2 secs and then you have to wait for it to recharge . The first idea seems to work better if you ask me .


The only way that that would work is to remove basically everything. Tree. Building. Vehicles. (Expect items. I think)

How can I not think about this through before!

also you can try replacing every object with octogon, that way corners are less of a problem. But eh. And yes I know this is a sarcasm.


Naaaaaaaaaah you just cut the corners off until everithing is a circle :smiley: ( btw that comme t was a joke not something serious )
Edit: and just to make sure there is not a single ant using 3p lets make the items circles as well . Who’s with me?


3rd person view is a singleplayer only feature.

Problem solved.


Interesting concept from a game in development