3rd person ideas poll


Third person is literally a useless game mechanic. It only causes unbalance.


Honestly i’m not a fan of 3rd person. It only should be available in pve. i mean wtf you can see your enemy from a camera above your head.


F3 Menu? (;


There’s no “F3 menu”, you’re probably referring to the free cam function that encompasses Shift + F1 through Shift + F6.


I believe he’s asking to have Minecraft’s F3 menu as an admin tool. Most debug information isn’t really an admin tool though, is more useful to any given player tbh. So maybe not.



TBF I’ve never really played Minecraft.


WOT. Everyones played minecraft XD, thats the whole reason people got the idea it was for little kids, because little kids played it as well. Even though its rated 10+. Does that mean games like Gta V are kids games because little kids play them???



I played it when I was 10 years old.

I’m 17 now.


huh, :thinking:


Man, I remember playing Minecraft back when i lived in Virginia. My brother would use gold blocks as torches because torches didn’t exist yet. That was… surprisingly long ago.


I hated it in 3.0 because no windshield or detailed inteiours. If the interiours are very detailed with windshields and stuff then I would be driving in 1st person. But if its like a military vehicle with low FOV then nah.


I think 3rd person should be for casual players, and 1st person should be for the more “hardcore” players


no, i have to disagree. with 3rd person, we can see how our body are when we are hiding in building or something. so it makes us knowing that the body still can be seen by people or not (to not to get shot).


What does that even mean?


He means that if you limb is sticking out.