4.0 Map Ideas!


If we had larger maps I think official servers with 60 or more spots could be useful


Some servers have that number of players with different map sizes, currently 24 is pretty decent as usually not all the players stay playing in the server for more than a hour (easy to join).


so I had this idea of an Australia map were you can integrate the water of Hawaii and an entirely new desert and add sand storms, heat deprivation (losing water quicker or burning up) with the touch of the outback also, you can also integrate the big cities of Perth and Sydney, instead of a north to south difficulty map like Russia or Hawaii it can be a new concept of the difficulty in the desert where the focus of skilled players but also have it easy enough around the coasts to invite newby players, I thought this was a great idea considering the success of Hawaii and also your ability to add new obstacles in the way, you can have Tasmania as a coalition like island and it would be another map different from North America or Europe, diving would have its place along the coral reef and a new opportunity to add new mechanics, making the map larger would be break through with unturned, especially with the feats you’ve accomplished at a young age of making a game to offer new experiences is mind blowing, I really hope you can take this into consideration me and my friends have been playing unturned since we first spotted it on steam, anyways man good luck, please contact me if you wish to take this into consideration I would love to help with this


What about a selection of country maps


South East Asia map or just an asian map because we got North America and Europe we got Russia but its not Asian enough.


I’d suggest (after he makes typical land maps) that he maybe tries to make a map that is extremely water-orientend. The idea of a chain of islands / isles, shipwrecks, sunken submarines, maybe a boat or two in a OK condition that have some ‘crew’ (undead) on board. Maybe a single aircraft carrier / liberator ship, etc for some good military spawns. It would be pretty cool.


I think that Nelson should add a Japan map as it would be awesome to have a map containing new items, especially for weaboos, and there is already a katana which could be found in certain areas of the Japan map such as temples etc.


Japan has already been made in the Workshop.


i’ve got an idea before giving some ideas about possible futur MAPs i think we have to remasterise yukon praticaly nobody play’s on it.
know the futurs MAPs ideas are:scorpion7 labolatory(it’s an arena MAP).brasilia(a survival MAP because we never seen in unturned low developement country’s).and morroco(a good touristical country in developement maybe i’ll be a good place for survival)and because it’s in africa we will see dificulty whith water(our player whill always have hot)


Yukon got some minor additions in the last updates and we don’t even know if Nelson is going to transfer the current maps to 4.0 (probably not). What do you mean with ‘‘low development’’ countries ?


i mean whith low developemet country’s country’s like morroco,algeria,egypte… country’s how aren’t super developet


He probably means third world countries.


yeah that’s what i mean.


What would be the difference with any other maps that we currently have ?


a huge sige map, 4 times russia. for all the vanilla lovers. in russ/grm you are still gettinmg raided in 24 h
and that sucks. we need a huge map here you can hide your base


CoughCoughModject Co-Op Map Creation CurationCough Cough

Nelson probably won’t make an Insane-sized map since it takes an immense time to even properly develop and balance Russia or Germany, which are a quarter of what you’re suggesting.




environment(in yukon we have cold maybe in african country maps we will have hot(and low rain frecency and problemes with water and plant growing)


Miami? would be nice because of the

palm trees.

(Also bring back Canada.)


Canada had a lot of flaws, maybe if they got fixed they could be brought back, but for the most part…eh?