4.0 Map Ideas!


hmmmm…I mean if you can do a map that’s based somewhere in Asia. There are new custom mods that have WW1 or WW2 clothes and weapons. So like why not do something like the area in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. Or have like Japan during it’s shogun days, with the big temples and stuff. OH! or do it based on something weird that has happened in history. Like the one radio station in Russia that continues to play the same thing over and over again. Only to play a man’s voice a few times in a few years time. Or we can have a custom “The Ring” Map. With a new boss (the girl in the ring) and her well in the middle of the map. And there are so much moreeeeee. We can do it based on a fantasy place where there are vikings or other warrior races.


Slow down by friend. This is Unturned not a fantasy game :))


Well I mean it puts more thrill into a survival game. Most of the things I’ve mentioned are things that has existed in out reality so I mean why not?


I think a map wich could be interesting would be :
French Guyana : jungle, small town, military base, space center
Siberia : basically a cold desert map with 1 town and some other randomn places
Sahara : a desert
Monaco : very dense but small map , or maybe Hong kong
Réunion island : with some town but mainly its huge volcano, the python de la fournaise, it is one of the most active in the world and maybe could became the main threat to the player


Dunno if it’s been said or not (don’t wanna read the 80-or-so posts) but a chunk based map-loading system would be cool. Also, I want to make an Unturned map of where I live… kinda… but not scaled down.


Not really relevant to this post, but ok.

Could be interesting, depending on where you live.


all cities in unturned maps seem to be made up of randomly placed road corners/blocks and buildings placed in them. Like, they all have that blocky chunky shape with the big roads, you’ll see what I mean. Moscow. Seattle. St Petersburg. If the roads were wiggly and irregular, like in IRL cities, it would look much better.


okay. let’s just make light of this now, ok?
Maps that are based on tiny, scaled down versions of ENTIRE FUCKING COUNTRIES are always going to be shitty. No, we should not have an “Egypt map” or a “Canada map”. The country-based maps in 3.0 are stupid. Can we just make them a thing of the past and have maps based on areas/districts


this post has been inactive for nearly a month, so people are less likely to respond to your ideas XD, but hey, thats fine. Just as long as it adds ideas :smiley:


Maybe a map with some slums and small streets, like RioI totally agree with stuttgart, large countries will never fit in a map… maybe Monaco or San marino ( maybe even Singapore ) would but no large countrkes


Nelson please make unturned to be like 2.0 more survival less pvp survival is the point of unturned please add pei and the skins that players purchased in 3.0 unturned needs to be like 2.0 and 3.0 combined please nelson unturned 4.0 will be like the old days of unturned 2.0 but with more maps


Already planned.


Can confirm.


^^^ lazy answer (Aj)
Unturned II is going to have way more survival gameplay than 3.0 you clearly can expect lots of improvements regarding the zombies and the environment.

However all the skins and cosmetics you bought won’t get transfered to new game (for obvious reasons?) but they won’t disappear from the current inventory, so nothing to worry about.

Get ready for Pineridge :evergreen_tree: