A downvote feature


Some post here are just really bad. If you get 10 or 15 downvoted, your post gets lost in the deep deaths of the forum.


If a post is that bad it usually doesn’t garner that many replies to begin with, and if it’s really bad/questionable/irrelevant, it could just get flagged.

Also, moved your post from #site-feedback to #site-feedback:forum.


Thanks. (10 characters)


inb4 SDG Forums becomes /r/unturned 2.0


I was kind of wanting this feature but…

Molton has a point.


I’m sure a barrage of comments is enough as a downvote


sounds good on paper before you suggest something on the reddit and get downvoted to hell because it doesnt involve PVP, no thanks.


Downvotes are not constructive.


I think this is why Nelson did it in the first place


I mean, we already have the terrible memes