Add Russia to 4.0


The very purpose of the reply you quoted was to point out that we don’t know what the weapon variety and balance of 4.X will be like. The issue that I took with your post was that you took the idea that remaking a map might not be a good plan and stated it as if as a general principle of game design (with no stated limitations to any particular part of game design) anything that is old or doesn’t revolutionise should be actively avoided.


Jesus christ, what got into you all of a sudden?

Are you really telling one of the mods to not post in the #unturned-4 category because he’s not a “grown up” ?

This is such an egotistical thing to do. I really don’t get it.


Well this topic has begun to derail, so I’m going to add my two cents to the OP even though most people here have already made the same point:

Personally, I don’t really think Russia has a place in 4.x, at least in the sense of simply porting the map to the new game. There are many ways to imitate the good things in Russia without having to just bring the map into a new version of the game. PEI, on the other hand, should be handled a bit differently since it’s a bit more iconic to the game than say Russia or Hawaii are, though you can get my opinion on that in the similar post about porting PEI to Unturned II.


Leave the nostalgia of 3.0, in 3.0.


I don’t think there’s much I can add to this conversation.

Even though Russia is quite a decent map I don’t think a direct port is a good idea
I think the same way as Molton for that

Russia is a pretty good map and a cool place to base your map off but if there is going to be a Russian map for U4 it needs to be redesigned.

It wouldn’t be as cool to get a new map if it’s just a direct port.
“oh look a new map that’s pretty cool”
“no wait this is just a U3 map that’s a bit change”

Would take away from the experience of exploring a new map. Whenever there’s a new map lots of people have fun together and explore it, same with the easter eggs. Just look what happened when the soul crystal easter egg got added, lot’s of people collaborated to figure this thing out.
That community building event just wouldn’t exist with a direct map port. Even if you change some locations it just wouldn’t be the same. Take the PEI port as a example, some locations where changed/replaced but it was still the same map


A map like Russia, yes, but not the same map. It’s a new game after all and for all i know, PEI would be better off as a 2nd test map, like Pineridge or Devtest from 3.0.