Animation of faces


Lots of interesting stuff conceptually, but it’s worth noting that faces will be vector graphics instead of simple pixel art in 4.x.


oh, well still maybe nolsed can convert these images into vector


Also it seems to me the eyes will stay the same, and the overall shape of the mouth will stay the same


Your animations are way too quick and don’t allow for any buffer time


I was bored so I made one of the faces you suggested.


Defiantly looks better.


Thanks also that face is pretty cool, but then bolsen would have to do that for EVERY single face that’s why I only did it for the eyes


Look up a person being punched in the face, then you’ll understand why, maybe I could make it slower


Just a reminder that the faces in Unturned II rn aren’t pixel art.

That’s not how that works. :I It’d be the equivalent of just making them from scratch.

Quality -> quantity.


I think the static faces are good enough. Adds some humor, because noone sane would smile the whole day


What about simple eye blinks? Just adds immersion to the game showing the players face is not static



Do what Simcity 3000 do. They pretty nailed it at animating timing static faces.

If you don’t know what faces I’m talking about It’s these guy faces. (These are not animated. I don’t have a footage of such so you do you :slight_smile: )


Ah so like stardew valley portraitmostly static with a few faces


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