Any idea on how to make custom flag object?


Not one of those “Insanely bright” flags, the actual flag, like an american flag with custom detail.

I’ve tried looking for a guide, but there’s none, tried doing it myself and all I got is pretty much a mess.
(Yes I use an example flag file, and I did test it. The flag won’t interacted with the wind, the other side is invisible, and there’s no sounds when I punch it. But it did collapse after I use a rocket launcher.)
Any help?


scale books in the editor


Sounds good.

But that’s not what I’m looking for.


He’s not asking for a compound object, he wants to make the real deal.

Summoning @FlodotelitoKifo since he co-created an entire flag pack mod


i’ll be here to help. Don’t feel like writing a full tutorial yet, but will do soon.