Best 2.0 gun?


In my opinion its timber or novuh.


The Shadowstalker MK2 of course!


Really? …


I was a pve player in 2.0, so I loved the swiss n’ crossbow combo.


/s denotes sarcasm.


I forgot the name of the shotgun, but yeah. The shotgun.


Novuh, hands down


Believe it or not, i found the crossbow to be the best weapon in 2.0.
Reasons to this was because

  1. Not a super rare weapon to find

  2. Ammo could easily be crafted

  3. (Not 100% sure), but i remember that the crossbow was 1 shot headshot (with helmet)

  4. It was silenced (silenced weapons in 2.0 was actually useful, because guns had long audio range)

  5. It gave no flash from firing, which in 2.0 guns gave a lot of flash during nighttime

it was pretty much a godly weapon if you used it right, i remember picking out whole teams with that shit, with them not even noticing.


Mean yea, crossbow is nice, but you just brought a maggot infested corpse back to life… So…