Blocked On GitHub


@SDGNelson Don’t really mind too much tbh just means i can’t report bugs but could i get a reason?

I’m guessing it’s because of this issue

But the thing is i LEGIT had access to private test branch in betas tab, I believe i had it when it was on Germany update can’t remember, guessed you removed everyone to update to 4.0 on PTB was wondering if that was the case in that issue didn’t think i would get blocked/banned for asking xD

tbh i can’t remember who gave me access but i even have the code i used to get it in my notes still



I really do feel like @SDGNelson could clear this issue up before it escalates.


Wha? why would it escalate? got no reason to, if he doesn’t want me reporting bugs so be it


Maybe its not just about the issue you posted, but your general toxic behavior in the issues (especially mine)?

Any way, since you changed your name from xdlewisdx to Torubloo Nelson might not have known that


Haven’t been toxic, I stated facts that someone who would profit from the community module shouldn’t be leading the project


Just have a look at the pull requests I have done. I dare you to tell me how I profit from that. Or from the changes I did to RocketMod. Or from my open source Minecraft plugins. Or from my open source Unturned plugins. Or from my other open source repos. Or from my suggestions to Nelson. Or from my Unturned-code fixes I sent on GitHub.

Oh since you have issues with your memory, again: no I don’t make new plugins so I can’t profit from it. I don’t take fees from Devs so I also don’t get profits from them. You are a huge fan of Richard Stallman, aren’t you? With this in mind you could also say that
Sven shouldn’t run RocketHub and RocketMod since he sells plugins too. However neither he nor I do open source for generating money.

Yea, just accuse people of stuff you are a great person, congratulations. You somehow manage to make everything worse for yourself.

Also yes, you have been toxic and been downvoted to hell.