Bugs: Steam Edition


Hello, people. i been trying to solve the following bugs:

  1. My camera goes down each time i Shoot. (IT IS NOT RECOIL PROBLEM)
  2. My Crosshair/Pinpointer Does not exist when i hold a gun.


Are you sure you just didn’t disable your crosshair in the Gameplay Config? Are you playing on Hard difficulty?


I did scroll all over the Options , Grpahics and controls. There isnt difficulty or crosshair option. Alsowhat about the problem with the Camera?


I said the Gameplay Config. The thing in singleplayer before you actually play where you can change your difficulty settings.

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I will try in like 7 days since im on vacation


hey, i changed but i have a question. does it apply to multiplayer? i cant join a server because of a major error