With devlog #9, it has brought up a good question of how to avoid getting burnt out.

I get this all the time, I’ll play a game nonstop for a month, and then one day I have no desire to touch it. I then move on to obsessing over something else, like finding colleges. It’s all a cycle of burning myself out.

How do you guys avoid/deal with this? Or is this just natural? It’s all very frustrating.


The simple thing to do is simply play more than one game. In one session of gaming I may play 3-4 games, as examples, Unturned, Arma 3, Insurgency, and Paladins. I might play one game just long enough to get the daily rewards or to complete a mission or two and stop.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

If I burn myself out on it, I’ll run for daily rewards, relax with a different game and perhaps by the time I return fully, there is new content or whatever to burn myself out on whatever game I’m playing again.


What you should do. Don’t play unturned. I got burned out for a year of unturned because I had played it so much (basically 400 hours in a month) and I felt sick whenever I played it. I’m glad that phase is over but, dont get burned out. Do what @OakNacht said.


I’ve been burnt out of Unturned 3.0 for a while now. It just isn’t fun anymore. Too much Rocket integration, too repetitive (Same scenarios on many servers), and just an overall move away from gaming to 3D modeling and other entertainment works has really crushed 3.0 for me. I’m hyped for 4.0 and can guarantee another many thousand hours in that, but it’ll need to address the problems 3.0 had that made it tedious to play after a while.

Recently my main game has been Starcraft II. Mainly to get better (I’m doing my first Brutal WoL playthrough rn), and a bit to spite friends and get them to play with. Another big non-gaming one for me has been getting some new PC shit. I’m currently running 4690k in a mATX motherboard, in an eATX case, because my original ATX had bent pins, so I’ve been looking into either a 5960x and Rampage V Extreme or 7700k and Supercarrier board. That’s gonna be fun haha.


Wish I could finish my pirate cave town but too bummed out :frowning:


I’ve made so many large maps for unturned, but never actually finished any of them. I spent hundreds of hours, yet the only maps I have on the workshop are horde mode maps I spent less than a day on. (Defend The Military Base and Prophia)


Simple, I just don’t play 1 game, I get a number of friends, and we all role the dice, and then we play that game.