Car/vehicle/engine powered something-something building and dismantling


Sounds like a great idea! Much better than a Barrett on a Bicycle! /s


LOL! anyway, shooting off a bicycle with a “normal” gun would be fine, it would be like a discount drive-by. But have some sort of attached gun on a bicycle? No way. Has anyone ever ridin’ I bicycle before? It’s very hard to pull extra weight (like an 80 pound machine gun). (Also I’m not specifically talking to you J besides the LOL part).


But I can pull two 40 pound children using one of those bicycle trailers they have.

The idea I postedreiterated was for the gun to be attached to the bicycle trailer, or rather, have it’s own wheels and trailer hitch, and there be a hitch attachment for a bicycle, though you’d only be able to pull up to a certain amount of weight, and only so fast.

With the trailer mounted weapon, it’s only meant to fire in one direction, and while pulled by a bicycle, that’s directly rearward, so you couldn’t really use it, but rather just move it to a different position on the map for no fuel in exchange for more time taken. I’d love to have fixed weapons.

And yes, IMHO, a fixed weapon would essentially be a vehicle with a mounted weapon, so it would fit in the topic of vehicle customization.


Well from the information provided, you are a father of two children (which means your probably pretty strong), and I’d say average man would have trouble pull 2 children up a hill on a bike.


Maybe you could use a vehicle door as a shield


So, let me reiterate, this is a discussion about modifying cars and only cars, not any other kind of vehicle? You yourself say it’s “CAR” related discussion, but last I checked, Trucks, Aircraft, Boats, Trailers and Tanks are NOT cars. Please, don’t use double standards when it’s convenient for you. This is my last post here, but if there is a future post about “VEHICLE” modification ideas, then I will happily post any ideas I have there.

Vehicles, cool. Anything under the sun that moves stuff.

Car is a vehicle? Checks out.

Tank = Car?
Sandpiper = Car?

Oh, so a trailer is okay, but a bicycle is not because it’s not a car. Last I checked, a trailer wasn’t a car either.

Hmm… it’s a vehicle, but it’s also not a car.

Funny skit. This is a vehicle, but it’s also not a car.

Eh… a tank still isn’t an automobile, or simply put, a car.

This is Crossout at this point. Also, putting a Fat Man cannon on the starter truck in said game is also a bad idea, unless you like getting flipped over from the recoil. Tanks still are not cars.

So yeah. point made. Is it a vehicle discussion, or exclusively a CAR discussion? Make up your mind.


you know what a car, tank, plane, boat has in common? an engine.
can a bicycle brag about it?
i think not.
can a bicycle carry something heavier than an overweight person without ridiculous design?
i think not.

a trailer is okay because of the size it offers for ll ort of things to install.

i made up mind asking “aren’t you off topic” with bicycles in car/vehicle related suggestion?
and what i get asking nicely? hostile attitude and nit-picking for word “CAR”.
so stop CARING around snatching words out of context.


But a trailer doesn’t have an engine… Also, an engine doesn’t make something a car…


it doesn’t. but it doesn’t make it lesser of a good platform for something to build on… like a turret cannon!

atleast it somewhat connected


Yes but plenty of things can have an engine. Yes I understand that you can build on a trailer, but you should be also able to modify a bicycle to make it go faster from that viewpoint.


it is still a car/vehicle/engine powered something-something discussion.
or have we gone too far?


you know you are taking stuff from a private discussion I had between usersqc101 right?


You can’t mount a tank cannon without a reinforced turret ring, which in turn needs an incredibly strong structure to be mounted on. No car, truck, or other standard terrestrial vehicle will do the job, and when all is said and done, you have an incredibly heavy thing that is almost impossible to move around. It also makes zero sense that a player would be able to fabricate and/or mount one either. The whole internal structure of a tank cannon and accompanying turret are far too heavy to put onto any normal vehicle.

There’s a reason why tank cannons are reserved for tanks IRL. (And in WWII, trains, but that’s besides the point.) The idea of modifying a vehicle to have one is not only unrealistic, but unbalanced as well. Even smaller caliber autocannons are left to the big stuff like IFVs and APCs.


who says you can’t? have seen a someone do it and fali? have you tried it yourself? have you seen a documentoy fotage proves it wrong? share it. No bike is capable even in wildet dreams ount something that heavy wich didn’t stop you from carry on disccusing but a car, truck, or other standard terrestrial vehicle is atleast capable to do so.
lets imagine you found a destroyed tank with stangely untoched cannon turret. you take it and place it on your car/whatever.
is it heavier?
is it harded to drive?
does it cost more fuel to move?
can you shoot someone with it?
should you upgare your wheels to traverse better?
do you need to upgrade you engine into more performance?
this suggestion is not like - “you can put a ballistic missile launcher on your Chevrolet Malibu 1978 and have nothing but advantages.”

it makes complete sense:
that a player can make a vaccine out of glue, bricks, chemicals and tincan.
that a player can make a makeshift car 1/4/6 seats and a gyrocopter with scrapmetals, generators, chemical and tape.
that a player can repair a military grade guns with slapping some junk metal on it and blowtorching it.
that a player can repair a military grade vehicle by standing still and burn a hole in it and call it a repair.
removing and placing a removable and replaceable tank turret is more logical than that.
but hey… details… for a game… wit cubic body features… where you survive zombie apocalypse with alien railgun… nice

oh the realism… unrealistic would be tring to build a computer out of rotten sticks and leaves, but placing something gunfiery on a vehicle that are capable (depending on a vehicle) carry some deecnt weight is far more plausible.
unbalanced would be making it with no dissadvangates that i listed above.
tell me what IFV and APC stand for… is it their sole purpose to have that gun on top? do tell me.

little also
fuck isis.


I like a lot this idea, customizable cars would totally be appreciated from the players. It’s cool to have something that you feel it really belongs to you, this idea should totally be implemented!


Have you seen someone do it? Have you done it yourself? BigthinksJ is correct. Also, HOW WOULD YOU MOVE A TANK CANNON AND TURRET WHICH IS ahem “untooched”

/btw you can’t take photos from an unrealistic video game/


here you go
it is still the most “REALISTIC” version we gonna get but still. good representation is good representation.

do i have to google everything for you or do you have your own head on your shoulders?

since when? you have a copyright on that or something?
if you bring out realism into the game please consider these things:
does slowing your falling speed with umbrella is realism?
does firebreathing zombies is realism?
does building sky bases is realism?
does healing by bandage while starving is realism?


why then turrent on a car has to be THE one thing that you want to be realistic your way?
i would gladly read what you came up with.

also. if you look closely and do some digging and thinking you will understand that a turret on or at the back compartment of a car/vehicle/engine powered something-something is possible.

heavily depends.


Unturned 3.X =/= Unturned 4.X

If we didn’t expect 4.X to offer any changes or improvements over 3.X, we wouldn’t be here.


if we didn’t expect that there wouldn’t be number 4 after "…ned "


Unturned 4 is meant to be more realistic. Zombies are going to be more dangerous, the amount of vehicles you can drive is probably going to be less. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of modifying vehicles. But adding a tank cannon might be too much.