Car/vehicle/engine powered something-something building and dismantling


That was the idea, but the way I originally phrased it, it would have been a wonky and obtrusive system, that needed significant changes.


All this fighting about why he thinks we should be able to put multi-ton tank turrets on a sedan, and yet I can’t mount a .50 cal Browning MG to a bike or bike trailer cause it’s not realistic? Yeah, I think I’m gonna ignore this topic and it’s poster in the future.


Mate. It’s SEARCHING for the video that’s the problem. I dont have a Cyrillic keyboard, and thus I cant search the video. What are you having trouble understanding?


a direct youtube link

next step is download it and make dropbox accout for it


all this arguing of your unwillingness ti understand that

  1. there more then one type of tank turrer with different size and weight
  2. that these limitations can be simplified
    but no that is unrealistic even thou a small tank turret can be installed on regular car with additions of course.

where did i specificly say about inability to put a rather large machine gun on bike and a new thing that you mentoned a “bike trailer”?
i argued about rediculocity of putting a tank turret on a bike
i see that back then when Aj_Gaming mentioned “trailer” i imagened a truck trailer

haven’t you alreadt said that? hmmmm. deja vu


You might be thinking of someone else. I’m fairly certain that you’ve pissed several people off by now.


I am pretty sure that i am not.



i know what the bloody video is i watched why cant you understand that the problem here is searching for it in the first place


That’s is obviously made of canvas. IDK why you think that is real.


i undestand that it is very hard for you to comprehand my next words but please at least try to:
if you want to attach a tank turret in life on a car you must first choose what car will be modified for it and what additions will be made in the it’s structure.
waht type of turret will be attached.
small tank turret - quiet posiible and doable
miduim tank turret - it is a streach to make and certanly imposible if you just slam it on top
heavy tank turret (that you only know and love)- VERY unlikely if possible
all my pitures videos and links sirved as a visual examples i never specifed what type of turret is possible to attach to a car, maybe i should have.

can you image a medium-ish tank turret on a car in game? i sure can. crossout sure can.
what else can be added to the same old
“it can be made in game dropplig some detals.”
“no it is not realistic.”
“it is a game…”
“not realistic!”
do you wish for this game to be more like arma? like red orchetra series? euro track simulator?
unturned 4.0 won’t be, judding from comments above, as realistic as you want. where will be simplifications and tank turret on a car roof can be one of them.


I’m sorry but for the turret to even fire, it needs Al sorts of mechanisms to work. And 4.0 is aiming towards being more realistic. So PLEASE stop trying to save this idea. Crosscut has no concern for how weight would affect vehicles. And do you REALLY WANT to see players blowing you up all the time because you think it’s alright. And realism for the sake of realism is pretty dangerous good here. So no, Nelson will most definitely never add tank turrets to the tops of cars. You keep using the same evidence, over and over. So please, just stop. Many people are sick of you constantly trying to justify PUTTING A DAMN TANK TURRET ON A LITTLE CAR! Just accept that it won’t happen. I would ask the site admins to close this post but well, they probably will still consider it a discussion, no matter how stupid it has become. So just stop.


Maybe spend your time making of new ideas?


Honestly, IMO you’re just wasting your time.

All the rest of us have agreed that your idea is unbalanced, unrealistic, and unnecessary for 4.0 to begin with.

You can feel free to continue discussing this, but just know that your tank turret suggestion is virtually guaranteed not to make it into the game. At this point your time would be better spent on a new and different idea.


This would be nice to have in 3.0 and it could be the next step for those makeshift vehicles, if balanced ofc (and it doesn’t even have to be a tank turret, any vehicle improvments would be cool imo).
In a game that has been announced as to be “the new full survival experience” such as unturned II, well It’s probably not an idea that I see fitting.

Lvl 1 craft a backpack
Lvl 2 farm some food
Lvl 3 build a tank turret…
Eh… ^^


it is a waste of time to make you slightly undestand that

who sayed besides you that it will be easy to built?

in game that wants to be more realistic but as realistic how you want

“With the greater survival focus I’ve been looking into other more realistic aspects…”

“Realism for the sake of realism is bad. For example organ-specific damage: nobody is intentionally aiming for your lungs, so it comes down to random bad luck that you suddenly can’t breath.”

and “hardcore survival game with heavy emphasis on realism” is not the same

unnecessary would be putting a second driving wheel in car and not something that you actually can use to protect yourself or other things that involve explosive


When I suggested that a supplementary suspension system would be needed to put tank treads on a pickup truck, and reinforcing structures would be needed to put tank cannons on a sedan, you rejected those suggestions as “too complicated.”


so that must mean i want it to be built with sticks and stones or just by looking at it right?


I suggest just telling people how you plan to balance it, and how you think stuff like that should be built.


you would require civil grade tools or better to deconstract, build, repair civil grade vehicles equipment.
to deconstract, repair, build somewhere else military grade functioning parts you would require military grade tools.
also according skill level would be requied to succesfully deconstract and add these part.

maybe even a little minigame when you deconstract parts and skill would make this game easier


possibly if you wanted to add a tank cannon to your car. (for whatever reason) it would have to be a custom made one, not one from a usual tank. It would also have to be built to fit the car. Most likely, blowtorch, circuits, metal bars, metal plates, screws, some glue (kids wont be able to make it cause they cant not eat glue :P), then you would have to upgrade the car itself. personally, I still dont like the idea of a tank cannon on a car but, if we can somehow balance it, like maybe make it just shoot grenade launcher ammo, or normal rockets, (it could basically be a rocket launcher turret on your car) then maybe it would be fine.