Carpat thoughts


all i’ve gotta say is Hooooly shit the R6 refrences are insane, a rifle called the Glaz, you get a thermite charge as a mission reward, there’s a place meant to look like the R6 map called challed that’s called chalet on the map, and the skin from the bundle looks like the M762 from rainbow with one of last season’s seasonal skins on it,

Also the map is okay, i just really wish tey could get a good translationist help with teh NPC’s, i can’t really tell what the missions are telling me where to look for stuff at


I’ve played about an hour of Carpat, just walking around and definitely agree with you here.

There are so many improvements to terrain, boulders, roads that need to be smoothed out. The trailer got me hyped and the map looked amazing in it but I have yet to come across a truly nice looking location or area due to this.

The location detailing is questionable (minecart in an attic?) and most of the objects aren’t even snapped correctly. Hell, objects are sunken into the ground or floor a lot which is a sign of laziness. For spawns, I don’t mind some of the locations having 4-7 zombies max but there are some places like Air_Control that have none! I also haven’t come across any animals yet but that might be luck.

Things this map is decent at:

I never had a problem with how the devs implements less item spawns, infact finding food and water was about the same as other maps. Clothing and weapons are scarce which is kinda interesting and I get where the developers are coming from in relation to less of those spawns. Location density was cool. Wherever I turn there is always a house, hut, farm, radar tower to explore which is something unique about this map. Overall, I’ve had the best performance on this map with 10-20+ more fps average than the other maps. This might be due to it being medium and a lot of buildings are unfurnished though.

In summary, this map has a long road of improvement and I want to see it become a great map, but there are so many things that should be fixed: Map environment, detailing, zombie spawns need a buff. This map did well at executing the 2x less item spawns, location density, and performance.

We must remember this is just one map and this hopefully won’t set the bar lower for future timed or full curated maps.


That is luck. the animals are terrifying, plus, they cant be killed as far as I can tell.


okay, the wolves can, but not the bear


I’ve appreciated some of the smaller details personally. Sewer (infrastructure?) pipes popping through the ground, a ventilation shaft from an indoor brewery to a living room, etc.

Yeah. Basically all the objects are just thrown around and clip into anything near it.

I disagree. Other maps let you leave a location with significantly more consumables than 0‒2. I don’t have a problem with this at all, but I wouldn’t say it’s “about the same.” The reduced loot applies to everything, and it shows.

It is. I appreciate it breaking the trend of curated maps having more location nodes than the last. Having sporadic buildings is nice.

It won’t, but it’s highly unfortunate that this happened all the botched curated map releases that came before it. A lot of people aren’t even surprised anymore.

Danaby has the best track record for providing quality-assured maps, but his only curations are arena maps.

Given France’s long development time, I’m hopeful that some of it is being spent patching out the obvious bugs.

I’m pretty hopeful for Rio and British Isles too, on the side.


I’m late, I know, but I’m running MacOS Sierra, if that helps.

From what I’ve seen, loot ought to be boosted a bit, but I think it should be the construction spawns that receive the buffing (well, other tables couldn’t hurt getting buffed slightly), not gun spawns or anything else like that.

If tape, rope, stuff like that, is really hard to find, then it just invalidates makeshift gear existing if it’s just as hard to make makeshift as it is to find normal stuff.

EDIT: I still do want to grab some friends and play the map. Just going to wait a week or so for bugs to be fixed, because right now I can’t play it.


Lets all look over the positives.; Its one of the few unturned maps that actually feels apocalyptic, its the only one that can make you afraid to go out at night, and its the only map that would encourage teamwork.

Its also got tons of new, well done objects, and a lot of other good stuff.


I think everyone here has mentioned a positive in at least one post they’ve made about it, tbh

but I disagree with this. Killing everyone you see is viable, as you can definitely use anything they have (even if they’re naked).

Not wasting bullets on other players is also viable, but I wouldn’t say sharing your resources is. I’m doubtful of players making a group with randoms on a server. It’d definitely be a “join with friends or play solo” type of thing, imo.

I don’t think there’s enough systems in place gameplay-wise to encourage grouping up with randoms to better survive, and I don’t think an Unturned 3 map can fix that.


Hey all, we atm know about problems.
Most common problem ritght now, its poor loot spawning on server.

Also map will get update with fixing bugs, new content, location every 1-2 week.

Also we know about Pink Trees on MacOs.
We use custom shader for optimize trees at windows, but we never test that on MacOs. We will try found way to fix that without FPS drop.

Again sorry for simple fail, when we test map at Closed Beta we not spot that problems.

When we developing map, most of time we think , how make Vanilla server more popular that servers with RoscetAPI /TPA/Kits?Home and other stuff

I hope anything gonna be good soon.

BATTLEKOT - creator of Carpat


people usually group together if theres something more dangerous than other players. Im pretty dang sure the animals are more dangerous than players. at least, the bears anyways.
the more people there are, the more likely it is that someone will spot whatever your looking out for.


I love the fuckin map so much (carpat)

It’s like Yukon, except on steroids with no annoying weather.

I love how hard it is to find and maintain a gun. No ammo, nothing. EXP? Thats in extreme scarcity unlike other maps. Leveling up skills and choosing a proper skillsets instead of picking mr FBI man sharpshooter skillset is actually necessary for most teams. I’m playing on easy mode for god sakes and it’s still difficult. Albiet finding food in a full 24/24 server is relatively meh difficulty and could be more scarce.

I just love the challenge presented by this map. It forces people to be friendly. My server is full to the brim and I’ve met tons of people sofar. Nearly everyone isn’t spawn-killing / punching eachother to death in cities, just casually picking up loot and running off to kill eachother later on in the game. It’s how the game should have been, but sadly wasn’t.

I am going to be very sad if nelson chooses not to make this map apart of the official pool of maps. Despite the kiddies joining my server and complaining about “few zombies” “low exp” “no guns” I think the map should be kept for all the hardcore survivalists out there, because just like every other timed curated map it’ll just die if it gets taken out of the game - which this map doesn’t deserve.

Though there are a few slight bugs such as the small incline of a ramp that totally destroys your car near the bunker area. And killing wolves to get wolf leather - the leather can’t be crafted into anything. It should just give you standard leather imo.

it’s a good survival map that brings people together


Yukon without snow? Bad.

I agree that it’s a good map, maybe not better than russia.


Not better than Russia


But its a bad map


Nice job leaving actual criticism and a good argument. What you said has definitely left an impact on others, especially the map makers and they will take your valid criticism and ideas to improve into consideration.



But dude…

its bad.


Let me respectfully disagree and say that this map, in a mapping sense, is objectively bad. The buildings are either empty, underdecorated, downright innaccessible or decorated with props put randomly throughout just to fill in space. Many props go right through other ones. Decals badly placed where they flicker even when close. Some trees float out of the ground, materials sparingly placed, extremely low resolution grass, props put in places where they shouldn’t, some NPCs are bugged, the roads aren’t even flat enough to drive on, some props outright damage vehicles despite them not supposed to, unrewarding progression, the bunker is a literal maze with loose ends, and the list goes on.

From a gameplay standpoint, the map is very unrewarding. The problem isn’t the lack of loot, but the lack of any progression: end-game deadzones leave the same amount of loot as small random locations. In this map, your worst enemy is hunger and thirst, which cannot be combated unless you’re lucky enough to find anything. Clothing with small inventory size would’ve been an interesting idea, but all it does is artificially inflate the difficulty despite it already being bad enough. The reason why your server is being so friendly is because everyone is too afraid to loose what little stuff they’d have gathered over hours. The person which has been on the server the longest will dominate everyone because he only has slightly more loot than anyone else.

TL;DR: Map is bad by design and what “good” things coming from it are just temporary due to shortsightedness.


1 - I could care less if a map had rainbow textures all over and had useless props everywhere. IMO I truly only care about the balance and loot of the map.

2 - Of course some things are bugged / out of place, it just came out. /shrug. Compared to other map launches it has far less bugs.

3 - Haven’t explored the bunker yet, assuming thats where the NPCs are I wouldn’t care since I’ve never cared about NPCs

This should always be the reason behind being friendly in literally any survival game. People would rather talk things out instead of killing eachother. Very much how I imagine things would go in a real-life apoc

Haven’t explored them yet. Maybe you got bad spawns?

Food, water, toxicity, and durability also artificially inflate the difficulty but I don’t complain. I enjoy the lack of inventory space as it makes people choose what they deem is more appropriate / necessary for their own survival rather than bringing and carrying everything they can. On my play-through of the map I had to neglect two guns on the ground after a gunfight because I simply couldn’t carry them. I didn’t have the inventory space to “bring it to my friends” or “bring it to my base to store”. Which makes it all the better imo.

I’ll play some more on the map, but I truly enjoy what I’ve played sofar. I’ll edit my opinion of the map as it gets it first or second bug fix / loot balance.


It’s still not a nice looking map. We should be having a higher standard when it comes to custom content. Don’t brush aside @ThatGuyYouDontKnow 's valid criticism just because “I like not finding stuff”.

Maps should be better polished than this. The Hawaii/Greece launches should have been the last of their kind.


The problem is that the entire loot debacle is completely opinion based, as some people like it and others dont. Personally I have been having a blast playing it, but I can easily see how it could get boring as its only really fun right now because of player interactions, because there are so many people in the towns.