Carpat thoughts


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Thank you for your opinion
Animals on Carpat playing only survival/eco aspect .
You can kill animals, and sell they Leather to NPC Vlad Krasnok for get $/EXP .

You cant craft anything from leather or get food (Cuz its Radiactive )but in future i thinking add custom leather pants or shirt.

Some debris its almost same situation at post USSR location right now. On bad roads you need to drive more carefully , but better just sell car battery to NPC for 40$ =D


I recommend having a native English speaker do the map’s English localization files. That would fix a lot of the minor issues surrounding localization.


alright, we will look forward to fix that. We planning do path of map at 1-2 August.

Loot fixed and i already send file to Nelson.

Still thinking about MacOs trees version.


the npcs are at the train station. the bunker is a deadzone;


Yea I agree with all those points. That ventilation shaft seems interesting. I already see people worrying about the future of curated maps due to now more than just a few messy map launches. It’s all in whoever is developing the map though.

Given France’s long development time, I’m hopeful that some of it is being spent patching out the obvious bugs.

Haha yea, being the mapmaker for France, we have been working on this map for way too long… we’ve already caught most of the obvious issues however and are shooting for a great release.


That’s nice to here. I personally think that France should go on the preview branch about a week before its release, with a public announcement stating when its on the preview branch. That kinda makes the official release a bit less exciting, but it seems to be more effective than private play-testing has been.

(British Isles should definitely do this too, considering its size.)

Plus, having a map on the preview branch a week early would hopefully ensure that there aren’t any notable changes still being made to the map leading up to its release. It’s a bit awkward for a release date to seemingly be set, and then immediately delayed several days due to content not actually being fully finished.

Having a good week of empty space before its release also helps Nelson, I’m sure, make sure it integrates into the vanilla game files properly. Being able to make sure it works before release day avoids things like what happened with Hawaii’s initial release.


Carpat is a good map. No other reason is needed.


the developers got lazy, and added essentially no loot spawns and called it a “survival oriented map”, the custom assets are broken as well, and everything is poor english. it feels like someone’s first map on the workshop, and this is a terrible standard of quality for curated maps. Cyprus was bad but at least it was polished and functional. This still has placeholder names.


Wait. How did they make that?

I need to know this.


The map deserves heavy critique, but these seem unjustified.

The “no loot spawns” was intentional from the very start. :v

From my understanding the map is quite playable.

I haven’t seen any placeholder names.

It looks like they took the Mona Lisa, scaled it down to 40 x 60 or something, added a light Gaussian blur, and then painted over a few details. The clothing was redone to resemble Nelson’s Hoodie, the hair was recolored to be his in-game blue hair, and the skin was saturated into a more orange-yellow.

Then just threw a face on to cover the original facial features.


there’s a place on the map with the name “Air_control” and there’s a farm just called “Farm”


There’s also a place called Village. Pretty sure all of them are intentionally like that, as mentioned earlier on in the thread.


but what about “Air_control”


What about it? Can a location not be named something that generic?

If you’re talking about the underscore, that would be irrelevant to your original point, and I’ve personally already mentioned it, alongside several other localization issues.


my original point was that it has placeholder names, and the underscore makes it seem like it’s a placeholder


Was thinking about the custom object, but nevermind. I think they might’ve use graffiti with custom frame object.

Unless that it’s not.


its simply example what if russia raped yukon and aborted it but it survived


No, it’s just one object. No reason to do it separate tbh


It’s called Carpat Picture #1.


if i go seriously it have very poor survival part, as chopping wood and killing zeds yeld 1 exp, foodstuffs spawn nearly never so most bambies drop dead from hunger, guns less rarer than food/tools/med meaning that you got to build a poor man base from scrapped guns. Also traders suck, their prices are retarded, gun costs 80, magazine for it costs 120, logic?