Carpat thoughts


Oh. Can you “use it on the editor” tho?


So I didn’t freeze as much as you, but my game crashed a lot. Maybe it was because the server I was one (was run on a friend’s computer) was just poor.


Yeah, the Debris was truly awful on this map.

This might be due to the fact that the Dev’s are Russian. So some of the names and descriptions are poorly translated, including NPC dialogue, one NPC even misspells its own name. (Dan Caby, spells its name wrong in the NPC’s dialogue. It calls its self “Dan Kaby”)

I’m pretty sure this is to prevent Admin Abuse, but still. Every other curated/official map doesn’t do this, and it just adds to map lag. I’ve only seen this in Workshop maps.

So, my theory on this is that this was one of the first maps to try to get curated, but took its time with being realised. Now that there are many other Curated projects on the horizon, Nelson is probably going to pay more attention to these things.

Going to speak my mind real quick.
Carpat is a map that is cool in concept, but executed poorly, I was really looking forward to its release, in fact, I asked my friend to host a Carpat server for the day, and I had some fun. What we mostly did was mess around and try to find bugs. The map should have stayed in the oven for longer, and I’m afraid that this map will just be remembered as a bad map.
Now, on to some issues I have. In the Village, 3 out of the 14 houses are completely sealed and are thus undetailed.

There are also a few pointless rooms.
There are quite a few compound objects.
There are also a few buildings with no entrance around the map, which are fine, but they have interiors, which is confusing.
There are a few objects that are missing faces, like this one in the damn, which allows you to clip outside of the map, this was apparently reported during testing, but wasn’t fixed.

There’s also an overuse of devkit water, which causes lag, there did not need to be this many here, 2 at most.
This train is also really, really long. And because of what train car it’s using, fools players into thinking there’s fuel to be had.

The names of the locations are also kinda poor. “Village”, “Radio Tower”, “Air_Controll”, “Lost Valley”, “Farm” and “Train Station”.
The Animals are cool, they even drop new kinds of leather! Witch you can do nothing with. To add on to that, the animals spawn really close to your spawn point, witch has some loot, but rarley any guns. Meaning if your too loud your just going to get destroyed by The Monster, or the bear right after you spawned.
Speaking of spawning, you spawn at the edge of the map, witch isn’t good. It makes the player think theres more in the direction thats behind them, like on most maps, but on this map, there isn’t. Just an invisible wall.

The landscape is really boring due to the fact that there’s only a handful of new trees, and there reused over and over again, and the materials are pretty bland. Making the landscape feel the same, adding to that there so many trees that it’s hard to find landmarks, and it also causes a lot of lag, and there are way too many clouds, witch just cause more lag.
The map isn’t detailed all that well, and as stated above, some houses are just plain empty.
As Molt has stated and showed,
The Organization of this map’s files is just, awful.
This object is also overused, a lot, and makes no sense in being in half the places it’s in.

This NPC’s name is spelt wrong.
His dialogue is also screwed up.
I get that there, Russian, but still, would it be so hard to get someone who knows English to translate the text for you?
The map also has a lot of floating trees and roads, you could just, rebake them. Though it is a bit late for that now. I would recommend just replacing the floating ones.

Don’t yet.

I would reply to ever comment here, but it’s a bit of a long thread, one thing I am happy about though is that @BATTLEKOT is on the tread and reading it, so if theres anything in here at all helpfull, then I hope it helps.


Your dialouge is screwed up.

I get that they’re Russian, but still, would it be that hard to get someone who knows English to translate the text for you?

Maybe they avoided naming things because they are Russian and dont know of any non-russian english-like names for locatons. /shrug. English is quite complicated and what not.

If you took the time to read the comments, battleknot himself said you can sell the leather to one of the NPCs. Also it’s which*

It’s a survival game, not a shoot em all FPS. You’re supposed to be sneaky-beaky, not running in guns blazing making tons of noise especially when you don’t have any guns. Even if you do have a gun the world is small and someone will more than likely hear the gunshot, attracting players or letting other players know where you are. Also you misspelled which again. That goes to show you nitpicking as someone elses dialogue / text yet having errors in your own. /shrug

I don’t mind new content copy and pasted everywhere. It’s new, interesting to see. I enjoy the little roots on the trees, and how the trees bend slightly. Also they’re*

Whats wrong with that? It’s not a big map, the landscape isn’t supposed to be suddenly extremely altered. You get the same feeling and visuals on one end of the map as you do the other, which I myself enjoy that the atmosphere stays the same. Maps like Russia are big enough to have sudden alterations to the map, such as firewatch area, the big ocean at the south side, etc.

Pointless as in a room that spawns loot. I’m not sure what you consider useless.

Overall I think the map is fine. I get it that kids are complaining and whining about the typical “OMG WHERES MY EXPERIENCE AND HONEYBADGERS?” kind of thing, but its just eh.

You were too busy playing alone and making fun of the map to actually enjoy it. I’m playing on my 24/24 slot server and I’m having tons of fun (besides the 12 team basically dominating the map lol). I noticed a minuscule of bugs because I’m not looking for them, I’m too busy experiencing the map - and not nitpicking at it.


Back at ya.

Fair point

My mistake, though the leather itself says this “Durable material perfect for clothing.”

This doesn’t negate my point of animals that can one-shot you spawning right next to your spawn in some locations.
The map being a small map doesn’t mean it’s okay for guns to not spawn.
With the whole pointing out misspells is fine and all, but there’s a difference. This text isn’t a curated map, Carpat is, I know there Russia, but that doesn’t make it impossible to find someone who knows both English and Russian who can translate for them.

When I wrote that I was falling asleep, though what I was referring to were buildings with interiors and no entrances, or buildings that were boarded up in some places, the Village has a bed blocking one of the rooms, making it a pointless room, as there is no other way to get in it.

So the whole Lack of experience thing is something I would like to touch on real quick, Zombies are rare, and they only drop 1 XP, meaning you can go through an entire location and come out with 3 XP.
I don’t need Honeybadgers, I like that the gun spawns on this map are mostly pistols and low teir guns.

So I played on a server that was half full. We played the map for about 3 hours, after that we started looking for bugs. You also kinda ignored the fact that I said “and I will admit, I had some fun on that server”
I admit, my wording here came off as really dickish, so I’m changing it to “I asked my friend to host a Carpat server for the day, and I had some fun. What we mostly did was mess around and try to find bugs.”
EDIT: I would respond in more detail with more things, but it’s late, i’m tired and am having trouble thinking strait.


I redid most of the dialogue to make it more english. should be out in the next patch or it may already be out


One more thing I’m going to mention, I want to like this map, it has so much potential, but it dosn’t deliver. I feel like if the map spent more time in the oven, patching bugs and optimizing the map, doing more testing, it could have been one of the best maps.

Oh, and to give Rain an answer to one of the things they stated earlier.

It won’t be permanent, if a map goes in timed, that’s that. The only reason we even have timed maps at the moment is because of nelson’s shoddy code that we call 3.x’s foundations. The game takes so long to boot because of all the things stuck on to it over the years, and because of how Unturned works, it loads everything at once.


Some zombies drop 3XP. I haven’t touched the NPCs yet but killing the big bear gives you 6XP and selling the leather from the big bear and the wolves give even more XP. The map isn’t designed to be a zombie grind like every other map. Which is what I enjoy about the map, that the XP is incredibly hard to earn and is like an achievement. Just wanted to add that.


I get your point, though the bear dropping only 6 xp, for having 400 health is a bit of a low amount.


Actually, guns do spawn. just very rarely.


the description is in such broken english it sounds like Borat


i can’t not say the descriptions in borat’s voice


I know guns spawn mate, just not as commonly as most would want, I don’t mind. But they spawn way to rarely for a remote region in Ukrain.


Yes but that would make sense for a zombie apocalypse. Carpet is supposed to be hard survival, not a pvp fest.


(Gona paste the same comment I did on another thread here, since that this is what I think about this new map and this thread is the right place where to share carpats thoughts)

The map isn’t bad at all, it’s actually pretty good if you seek a true survival experience.
Must mention tho, that jus like any other curated map or even like every other official map, at the beginning bugs glitches or flaws are present. People seem to have a very short memory about this, that’s why you can see so much nitpicking criticism about this map around.

There never was a new content in the history of untuned that was ready and fine from the get go (maybe Dankaby’s maps?).
The game itsef had to be developed over years just to reach the “good” status that it has now, so I really can’t understand why people keep expecting triple A contents to be released from day one, especially since this project has been made from a new team, and not by the usuall curated creators that we are used to (that should have way more experience in map developing).

I belive that if the developers of carpat don’t give up, but instead keep working on it we could have one of the finest maps around that could really bring back the so long missed "survival experience.


For me it was extremly boring and glitched map. My experience in a nutshell: Walk around for 1 hour with bad loot, get killed from behind by wolf that I couldn’t hear. There were some glitches that I’ve seen, not too many so I won’t talk about that.

Oh, and did I say that it’s just boring? I enjoyed playing on Yukon, but here I couldn’t get some basic loot in 1 or 2 hours

Edit: that whole 1xp per zombie wasn’t good idea too (at least for me). It just made me feel even more bored and annoyed that I couldn’t increase exercise to some respectable level


the map simply relies heavily on top loots and their buds.

after you hit a top base and began abusing traders the map becomes way to easy


the english is semi-fixed.
Check out Nolanavo


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