Console unturned II



Fuck Console Gamers!
they are in no way close to being a “big part of the scene”
Its more or less the pc gamers who are a large part of scene considering most of the games are on that platform.
Its also worth mentioning that consoles aren’t even close to being personal.
Having a Pc, it can be more accessible, and you can customize it to your delight
but with consoles, the only thing you can change is the storage!
Not to also mention the 60+ fuckin dollars thrown into it just to play a damn mulitplayer game

if you could tell me one thing on how console gamers impacted gaming, besides controllers, then tell me!


It is not a discussion about how good consoles are. If you don’t like them, don’t buy. Thr type of people who buys consoles just wants to take the control, press a button and start playing. If you want to upgrade whatever you want, like I said, buy a PC. Stop offending people like that. Consoles are about one third of total gamers. You’re taking this to your personal side.


you put up a compelling argument,
touche :expressionless:


Nelson has no plans to launch on the consoles himself said that if one day is released will not be the one that will adapt the game, he wants better gameplay possible on the pc.


Honestly I just can’t see why Unturned II isn’t being released to the Mega Drive too i mean I feel like it would be a great fit for such a low effort port


Console players aren’t a big part of the scene. PC players are more common.

Also, pretty sure tophat was being sarcastic with his one comment, so I don’t know why you liked it.


no thanks, do you know how many ‘‘Questionable’’ marketing choices sony and microsoft make?


Yes, they are. Pc Gamer are more common, but that doesn’t means consoles dont matter. One third of total players is a pretty decent value.


nelson doesnt need to remake the entire game so it can work for consoles just because a few people want it there.

Also, before you point out that it doesnt need to be remade, let me remind you that games have to be changed (a lot) so crappy consoles can actually manage to run them.


Yeah, you crealy don’t know nothing about consoles, their players and their specs. Do a quick reserach. Also, how can Nelson optimise it for shitty pcs, but a console, way more powerfull, couldn’t run it?


To have more players playing? They dont suck, they are just other way to play, sometimes its more cheap to buy a ps4 than a gaming pc. i think Nelson should think more of making a port, but after the game is finished.


90 percent of gamers use consoles, they literally FUND gaming…


Everyone here is missing the actual point: adding UII to console and keeping both games up to date would be ridiculously hard to do, and at the pace that Nelson seems to be developing I wouldn’t be surprised if it took another year to get to the point UII is at now on consoles. No one wants to halve the speed at which development is progressing. Imagine all the bugs that would pop on console that Nelson would have to work out, imagine all the whining from console players that PC is getting more attention, and vice versa.

On the topic of halving, this would also cut the playerbase in half. If your console is better than your PC, you wouldn’t play it on PC, so the game would seem to have half the population which isn’t good, and you probably wouldn’t see a net increase in apparent playerbase. If you say “oh just do crossplay” you are naive, as it would never ever work.

Basically console UII would take far to much time and effort and be bad for the longevity of the game.


So you prefer force people that have a bad pc and a console to play on the pc with a bad experience just to fill servers? The power of choice is always a good thing. The purpose here is to port it when the game is stable and “finished”. Maintaining it is not so hard, consoles are just pcs nowadays. Like I said, Unreal engine makes the job really easier, and as nelson is implementing gamepad support, he need to implement xbox lives and psn’s framework. Right now all we agree that he should focus on pc, and developing the gameplay itself. And crossplay could maybe work on PvE servers.


Would you rather people be able to play on consoles, or would you rather have the game last longer.


I would rather enjoy the game with a good experience. Most of PC gamers would stay on PC.


Damn i just asked about console unturned II not a shitstorm


Quick answer: No < this is a hyperlink.


“There are no plans at the moment


That was a year ago. You could shoot him an email if you so desired