Console unturned II


Console port would be the last thing he would be working on

Yeah sure, I mean if console port is planned when the game is finished then how about we sit back for several years until that happens. There would be no point reminding the dev about it multiple times, all it does is just create a fuss over how it is such a waste of time and resources from one side while the other wants it because they have shit PCs or to ‘expand the community/popularity’.

Personally, I think games should stick to their desired platform regardless, especially survival games due to the mechanics involved and the amount of keys/inputs required.

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the input thing is true, you cant just put 50 keys in a PS4 or Xbox controller without them being hard to use.

i just want this because i have a lot of friends that dont have computers good enough to play unturned, and they always want to play with me.



You don’t need a specific key for every action, there are several clever ways to go through that, just takes some effort and creativity.



There are 20 buttons on a controller…

Trigers plus bumpers is 4: total 4
D pad is 4: total 8
Pause button: total 9
Select button: total 10
Click left stick/click right stick: total 12
Press/click triangle, circle, x, square: total 16
Hold triangle, circle, x, square: total 20

Plenty of buttons lol

Not to mention moving the sticks cover wasd and mouse aim/look so this 20 buttons are completely free still.

I personally don’t see this game coming to console though.



no offense to your friends but you have to have a really shit pc to be unable to play unturned,
i used to play unturned on a laptop with an intel hd 3000 inegrated gpu, most tablets have more graphics power than that thing did. not to mention the fact that unturned 2 will probably be more optimized.



crys in lag





II already has controller compatibility planned but the game needs to be directly ported to the PS4 and etc.

Xbox is common with being easy to port from PC however.

If third party assistance can come in and help port the game, then in the future it’s possible to see Unturned on the console.



And we all need to remember that Xbox One has full mouse and keyboard support now, so you can do crossplay in those cases. This would really benefit who has a bad pc but has a console.



It really isnt a problem with the controller’s, as split screen with a controller is confirmed. I think it is porting it to a console which is the difficulty.



Exactly that my dude.


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