Did you know?


every planet has a different filter. Our filter is the sun.


But what if we would send a copy of unturned to space and leave it there as a time capsule?


Not a bad idea, but they’re slim possibilities.

  1. Its got Sucked into a Black hole
  2. Aliens find it and are Curious for what this mysterious item is
  3. Its Gets Destroyed in any of the universe outcomes


Speaking of Aliens, I have a theory about them.

What if Aliens are humans from the future?


they’re just looking for a new planet to stay at.


Idk maybe?


@ReallyAR We weren’t discussing unturned XD, we were talking about OUR universe. not unturneds.


Did you know the national animal of Scotland is unicorn?


Considered that men wore skirt there… no wonder why.



It’s possible to make a so-called ‘black hole bomb’ with a rotating black hole by containing it within an orbital Dyson sphere like mirror system, and shooting particles through the area right before the event horizon, thus accelerating the particle to immense speed which would then grow exponentially as a result of the reflective containment system.


But that will result into the universe cracking itself.


Did you know that i didn’t read any of this except germany is north of canada?


Everything off this thread is from kurtzgesagt lol


no not really

  1. RedComms black hole bomb

  2. TophatPseky talking about great filters

  3. Different deaths of universe from various people

Thats 3 things that were in kurzgesagt videos but there are plenty of other ways to learn about that kinda stuff so you could be right


just scrolled through all the comments, may i ask what in the living fuck is going on


people are the operator of their pocket calculator, and they’ve pressed a special key and played a little melody


Space, Universe, our ultimate demise. Ya know, the norm


Did you know?

Reddit honors our lord nelson