Female Avatars


because only you thought it was funny.


Alright ladies, here’s not the place to start a fight over who’s wrong on a topic that is subjective.




why can’t it be GAME GIRL


I know what your saying but I think maybe they should just make it a bit slimmer and slicker but not something you’d wanna “check out” 24/7


The fact that you think anyone would stare at an Unturned female playermodel and unironically think “wow that is so hot” astounds me


I mean, that happened to minecraft before.

But I’m not sure if they’re being ironic or not.


Comon guys you want a more realistic envoironment but without females? In U II it’s a must have imo


So you want to add female characters but no snowman characters? Come on man you are going for realism


yeah just think of all the people who make terribly made nude skins XD






that was horrifying/


the periods or the nude skins

both equally terrify me


I put hte periods because you cant have a large space in between. deal with it.




Why such a fuss for something nelson already has in the game?
I trust Nelson that he wont allow choosing a diffrent gender allow for an advantage

As Yarrrr said…


Assuming it’s still in the game / was actually implemented past the conceptual stage, I’d like to see an updated model when Nelson (probably) shows off the updated animation tools and weapon rigging and all that.

If it was actually implemented, it has to have changed by now. It’s probably not in-game anymore though (if it was to begin with), since Nelson is redoing tons of stuff and all that jazz.


Hey, man, even if you think it’s weird. I was on the Internet seeing some things not turned and I came across your photo, man, are you someone important? As a map developer who helps Nelson create the new maps, as in the case of Russia, the question is idiotic but would like an answer


I had no involvement with Russia’s development, nor any of the curated map’s development cycles.

I’m relatively well-known in various communities. Unturned-wise, I do a lot of wiki-related stuff and I am a moderator for Unturned’s two forums.

Same goes for @Yarrrr.


You are my new God


Careful, Molt is already Ego-boosted


So … This forum is kind of the “main” or the one and the one you mentioned are 2 equal forums, I started to create posts in this forum before yesterday so I do not know it right, what I really wanted to know is if all the suggestions here were in one way or another come to Nelson and he chooses or has from time to time a type of competition to choose the best suggestions or the most viewed suggestions are going to evaluation?