Gun and pvp physics and realism and the stereo


okay, so my idea is that while duel wielding I want to keep a pistol facing and shooting in the same direction as my body while the other gun is following my free look face. another thing is that if I holster my guns I would like to be able to pick up guns off the ground and hold them while having guns in my primary and secendary slots. And I would like to throw my guns if I’m out of ammo and there can be a skill for that, I mean, the resistant to that. for instance, I can use a revovler I grabbed off the floor, use it’s ammo, and then throw it at the next guy and he’ll flinch at it and over time you can get reflexes so if I did that to a trained guy he would do a karate kick to it (I’d like animations for this please) and just keep firing. another thing is I’d like a boomerang that I can train with so I can throw it out a window and have it curve around and scare the guy threatening me with a gun for a split second. and with the stereo, is it possible you can allow us to link our Spotify accounts to our Unturned and/or steam account so I can allow everyone to hear my mix? anyway, I’d like this all in the game but you don’t have to go overkill on it.


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For your first suggestion thats pretty complex and i also dont see how this would be very useful in the game because most people move during fights so you cant readjust aim, and hopefully zombies dont move directly towards you. Anothe problem with it is that it would have to be a button, and when combined with your other suggestions this would add up very quickly and would end up with 3 (2?) really situational buttons.

Number two makes sense, but would allow people to have 3 guns on them which is a little much, unless you are saying one of your slots would automatically put it in your backpack or whatever, but then if you didnt have space what would happen? Would your gun just drop on the floor? Also if this isnt given a button to use it it would make panicked looting hellish as you would be picking up some gun and automatically putting away your good ones.

Your throwing suggestion, again is another super situational usage of a button, and in general guns should not be common enough that throwing one at your enemy seems like a good idea.

By flinching I guess you mean bulletpunch, but a animation and karate kicking is just (im sorry) really childish and I dont think should be in the game.

The boomerang makes okay sense, but an entire skill tree for boomerangs seems pretty unnecessary, unless this would be bound togeter with a throwing tree which i guess would make some sense.

Playlist suggestion makes sense im just not sure how the legality of that would work, if spotify or whatever would just let nelson use it, because I doubt they would.


Methinks this is just a troll post.

(And if it’s not, well, frankly I’m just disappointed.)


Yeah, me too lol


tl;dr for anyone reading this who is equally disgusted by the lack of grammar, punctuation, or any kind of formatting:

  • with dual wielding, be able to point both weapons in different directions
  • be able to have holstered guns and still pick up extra ones (holding them in your hands)
  • throw guns
  • flinching
  • a boomerang
  • link Spotify to the stereo

My feedback on this: pretty much every single suggestion here I disagree with. They’re all extremely niche, unnecessary, or just plain weird. If you get to the point where you have to throw your gun, you’re probably screwed anyways. Boomerangs are almost like a bad joke, especially given you want to use one to scare someone. And I’m not even sure how Spotify integration would work, hell, we don’t even know if the Stereo is even making a comeback.

The only remotely reasonable thing I see here would be flinching, but only in the form of aimpunch or suppression mechanics, both of which you failed to actually mention, so I’m going to assume that’s not what you meant.

-1 to entire thread.


In all actuality, a boomerang wouldn’t be very practical to be honest.

As @GreatHeroJ said, I do disagree with all of your ideas, they are a bit impractical.


Screw spotify, what about Pandora radio?
Also, non-returnable boomerangs are the only ones worth using for any kind of hunting or anything. It’s basically a stick that flies well and hits hard.
Aiming in two directions is kinda ridiculous unless it’s VR only (please no, I’m not VR ready yet.)


The title promised realism.
The body text talked about training to kick the guns being thrown at you out of the air.


The funniest part is that I do martial arts IRL, and if we’re being honest it would be far easier to just dodge the projectile than attempt to kick it.


doesnt feel like something needed, but it would be cool to have those things implemented