Hey guys


Check this out, apparently unturned is…
(there was an image from the website below but it wont upload)
the 4th most played game on steam! TF2 is #1 tho

Sooo… how bout it guys

Whatcha thing about this

Did yall already know?

it was harder then it looks to not put periods in between these spaces

Post tracking AJ inserting unnecessary periods between his paragraphs

Or it could be the amount of people who have downloaded the game… I dunno.


Number 5, since Dota 2 and other achievement-less games are not included in the list.


If it’s harder than it looks to not have periods between spaces, don’t have unnecessary spaces anyways. The stats are overall downloads, not current players.


Regardless, Unturned has seen an amazing level of success.


oh now you guys are bothering me for doing what you guys told me to do… know what? I give up.


No, you were making progress by not using

periods. But now you are adding

unnecessary spaces.


No, he was doing that to demonstrate his Enter skill.



TF2 is still the best


Yer welcome, lad!

A Post Tracking Every Single One Of MoltonMontro's Posts Starting June 16th to July 16th


You got me into it


Fools. We all knew that the game with biggest player database on steam is steam.


boi yee are wrong. Steam is not a GAME it is a… PERSON


Please don’t lewd steam.


No steam is also a LAD.
He’s a good lad.


N0lson shall be Proud of his, Creation.


I swear if you say lad for 1 more time. I’ll gibble ye eyes out. With proofs that sydney is a mAn in a non-friendly way.


sydney is not a lad, she is a lass


Actually at this point I’m confused at my own sarcasm.

But I vill proof yo with pictures later.


by the people that hopefully disagree with this…hopefully… or maybe im outnumbered by the people who want this to happen.

Look I dont even know. deal wit it