Horde Mode


Is Horde Mode coming back quesiton mark? I missed it and really enjoyed especially since many people in the workshop community made maps for it. There were even servers with a max of four players to get the feels. I really think this should be added to 4.0 with official maps for it.


:o: :o:



Nelson did say he wanted to get horde mode back.
I was and still am a really big fan of that game mode and would be thrilled if horde actually was getting back with a full release





I hope so :3


nelson pls


It won’t be a priority at the start, but with Unreal’s blueprints system it would be really easy to add the custom logic in a mod. (Create a blueprint extending UnturnedGameModeBase)


Well-said. Priorities!


I hope you don’t add arena before that :angry:

nah, just keep it up. I can wait like always.


Lord Nelson, please make Horde Mode like PaYDAY heists in terms of gameplay.

(Unlimited waves unless objectives are done)


Whats the point of having an entire mode based on how long you can survive, if you can end it by completing something?
If your talking about endless waves, that’s the whole point of horse mode. Horde mode is basically cod zombies without perks or barricades(possibly)



Boss fights and eastereggs/puzzles could be cool but the mode should only end when all players are dead.