How I play Unturned in extra-hard mode


I alway play yukon with ×5 zombies spawn, ×2 item spawn ( to balance a few the gameplay ) , ×3 zombie life, zombies 2 shot, all kind of zombies ( even bosses ) , ×2 zombie speed, almost infinite blizzard ( well, for 60 minutes of gameplay, there is around 55 minutes of blizzard ) , and the worst, wolves and Bears spawn ×10 , I am planning to one day open a server with this config… and no mod, no rocket, only player instinct… cant stop bleeding / cant repair leg ( except with medics )
No group , if you accidentally shot a friend, he die.
Zombies cant be stunted
Dropped Items dispawn after 3 minutes
Destroyed vehicles… almost NEVER RESPAWN, they respawn every unturned weeks… that means 336 or 366 minutes
Thoses were the things that make player survival hard.
Now, positive things are :
Alway 1 / 16 to 1/4 full battery and tires on vehicles
Alway 20 to 40 % fuel
Heavy damage from guns to players ( 1 bullet = death )

With that, you got a unique PVW ( player versus wild ) experience, both zombies, players, animals and climate want your death… How could you survive if you come from “XxMLGPROKILLERxX PEI tpa/kits/.i/.v/Mk II for everyone” ??? , you couldnt against the reals experienced players.
For PVE, I cant provide any tips that trying to be autosufiscient ( well, find a city, manage to find at least 1 seed and then, build a base , craft planters and live alone for ever , you just have to get max agriculture skill and one day, you wont need anymore to get in cities to survive, your instinct will became stronger, you will then, be able maybe, to extract your own fuel for your base energy, well, if you are experienced at unturned , you will survive and prospere… if you are not, you are already gone…
For PVP, blizzard will allow you to be stealth and hide from ennemies, your base wont be raided because no explosives or high caliber spawn there, well, PVP is horrible in this map…


I’m going to stick with my easy mode with little to no zombie spawn and x2 item spawn XD


Do how you want… I really love hard wild survival, on singleplayer or multiplayer… I hope I could open a server with same config as my singleplayers worlds


You could just run a server using your computer hardware, if your computer can handle it well still being able to play Unturned.


You know, I used to play with kits, tpa, etc…
And one day, someone told me to try survival servers on yukon, I really enjoyed that and since that day, I am a true survivor


“PvW” is already PvE, it stands for environment.


I know that ^^
But PVW look better for me, I consider it as a lot of PVE and few Pvp


That sounds hard. But fun! Sadly i can’t play Unturned 3.0 :frowning: also, by ‘Zombies can’t be stunted’ Did you mean stunned?


This is the first time in any game community or anywhere on the internet that I have ever seen somebody use the term “PvW” in my entire life.

It’s really weird, but you do you I guess


Probably doesn’t understand that PvE is all what he stated with ‘‘PvW’’ (the environment)


dropped item despawns is the only reason i wouldnt play on this server if you set it to 10 plus id play but besides that seems like easy stuff


To make the game even more balanced use this config: make all zombi boss and let evrything deafult.


wow dude, ur hardcore. The one thing that doesn’t make sense is the “can’t repair leg”, it seems a little bit over-harsh, especially since even in rl splints are pretty easy to make with the right stuff and…yea. Just wondering.


That means they cant repair themselves with waiting