How should PvE and PvP co-exist?


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It’s an easy solution.

Make PVE the core focus of 4.0. Make acquiring guns and food way harder. Make the Turned a more difficult threat.

Give us meaningful, challenging, and interesting AI to fight, whether that’s Turned or Bandits. Oh, and also some end-game PVE challenges/events.

It’s no secret; it’s way more enjoyable to fight players than zombies in 3.0. There’s legit no challenge in even the boss zombies.


You can say that, but you can’t refute this.

If one player gives pursuit in the situation I described, the other player can remain, both literally and figuratively, a few steps ahead. Whether they choose to to flee, set an ambush, or loot better gear, following in another player’s wake would be a bad idea.

While it wouldn’t solve the question of how PVP and PVE can coexist in the same server, (which has been noted by several people as an odd, notion, as players can’t be both allowed to and incapable of combating eachother,) it could solve the problem I actually mentioned, KOS. IMO both PVE and PVP servers would have their place, and while PVP combat, especially KOS, can and should be discouraged by game design PVP combat existing on PVP servers doesn’t need to be solved.


PVP combat, especially KOS, can and should be discouraged by game design PVP combat existing on PVP servers doesn’t need to be solved.

Explain to me how you can do this by the way, I would really love to know. Its evident that just making people further apart didn’t work as we saw with Germany and Russia.

I will stand by my point, as long as there is a will there is way.


Unturned is stuck in a vicious cycle, new player joins, gets killed when trying to stock up on loot, over and over and over. Eventually, this new player would just get used to it, thinking it’s normal and start doing it themselves.

I have 3 ways to fix this, though this could really through off the game balance if not done right.
Guns and Ammo are harder to find meaning players might think twice about shooting a player who is not a threat.
The other thing that we could do (ties into number 1) is to make the Turned a threat. If the Turned are more of a danger that the majority of the player base, then players with good loot would prioritise the Turned, rather than players, especially if ammo is scarce.
My final idea is to make Food more scarce. This could cause more killing if the people who don’t have the food don’t want to try to trade, though these people would probably just still kill them anyways.
If ammo was scarce as well, it could cause players to trade if one is not in the position to do any farming.


What have I done? Look at what I’ve created?

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Which is why I didn’t suggest people “just making people further apart.” There’s more to it than that. They have to be able to see eachother coming long before they are in the effective range of eachother’s weapons but have few enough players visible at a time that players don’t get distracted or overwhelmed.

This point?

If we are both defining KOS as killing on sight, then players being unable to kill eachother until they are significantly closer than they were when they were likely to have seen eachother, than it would prevent a significant plurality, if not a majority of KOS.


Yep. That point.
I’m standing by it, even if you’re out of effective range… people will just get within range.

there’s no way you can KOS if people are too far to kill when you first see them.

Our definitions differed.
You are tackling the technical aspect of being able to kill someone on instant while in range, and your solution solves that.

I was refering to the general malicious intent of players and how people will stop at nothing to slaughter eachother.

I don’t feel like arguing this any longer, I’m growing white hairs. Have a good night.


If they can’t KOS you have an opportunity to walk away from, lay ambush to, take cover, hide from, or counter-attack those with malicious intent (or you could log out if you’re scummy.) If going on the offensive is less likely to grant loot, an entertaining fight, or survival, players will be less likely to. If players are less likely to go on the offensive, then there will be less fighting, but still enough to make PVP and PVE distinguishable.