Interresting Animal


I hate to break it you, but wouldn’t sharks help underwater bases? Think about it, a shark is preventing raiders from getting to the base and keeping the underwater defenders safe. And also there would flaws to that since sharks would probably have a low chance of spawning


guess my replies were vague

how exactly would birds nom down a metal fortress in the air


me the longer I read this thread

Seriously, literally no part of this suggestion makes remotely logical sense in any way whatsoever


Thos godam’ sparrows! Eatin’ mi base again!!!


i like the idea of having birds


Then what about get only bird


And what you think about get some cats or dogs you can tame with some food and they will help you kill the zombies


Those are strange animals . . that’s what I know.


Alligators/Crocs would be badass.


Leaked footage of Thunder Levin and Anthony Ferrante brainstorming the next Sharknado sequel


This thread has more memes than most threads in #memes


I mean when a lot of the memes here are unbelievably forced and taken from an Instagram that didn’t exist in 2006, when there’s something as unintentionally funny as the phrase

it’s pretty much a given that other funny things will happen in that thread.

Also is nobody gonna mention the fact that a shark menna destroy an underwater metal base


yeah, for advice, im not talking about a shark will destroy a base they will more like try to attack the player when they near from them, so they will be less skybase and waterbase, and

You say : was it something funny in that phrase : and for the bird its like the shark but in the sky

not really i write that unintentionally, cause its like the same exact thing im trying to explain, and dont say : " SHARK WHO ATTACK HUMAIN IS RARE ", yeah but wolves are more rares, so why will they attack you (the wolfes) and the shark not for realism reason at the evidence, when im talking about birds are like sharks but in the sky, i mean does they will have the same way to act they will both attack near players, in the high sky or in the water

cause some time boats dont have their place, cause there is not really a lot of them spawning and official map doesnt have a lot of water, like for germany, russia except for PEI that is an island, there is also curated maps, at least hawai is the only vaulable map for use boat, cause im not usre APC spawn on it

so it will be interresting to get some of those animals for make sure to limits those things,

those thing im talkign about are player like travelling under rivers for dont get shooted from up, or some time you can escape from zombies by go in the water…
cause they will stay in the deep water (the zombies) they cant even swim, so you will can get eat cause of shark so people wont exploit that glitch
and for bird limits the amount of sky base, its technically impossimble its suppose to fall from up if there is nothing for support the biulding


im sorry for all the memes, i cant even control what other user send in this post


You don’t put in much of a context in your original (or your main) post. So it’s no wonder why I and others said that.

In which you later stated that they wouldn’t “eat bases” but yet didn’t edited it into the original post.

And let’s be honest here, reading that quote is just… gives ye ze giggles… Anyhow, the last time I saw birds picking the feck out of humans (or something similar) that isn’t related to messing with their nest, food or kids is like 65 millions years ago.

Also, the reason why wolfs attack are more “common” than that of sharks is because.

  1. They live on land.

  2. They stay in packs that’s usually bigger than that of sharks (in quantity, not in size.)

  3. More food in the ocean for sharks to eat. While on land there’s less food for wolfs to eat, and animals “usually” hunts food when they’re hungry. (Unless they’re like american wolfs… egh.)

Also, birds are small, we are big. If we were to shrink ourselves we would’ve been easily eaten by some dogs, cats and yes, birds. If they’re hungry at least.

The problem isn’t that it’s ridiculous… ok maybe it is somewhat ridiculous, but instead of adding additional hazards prevent people from being there. Why not just make the place more hazardous in the first place?


What abour like griffin or big bird um talkung about a bird more bigger than a plane and they will eat everyhing, and but i thibk you can imagine like the size of the player or a bit bigger


what kind of fucking bird is the size of a plane


Albatroses have a 12 foot wing span and the smallest plane ever had a 6 foot wingspan



Well lets look for those birds (albatrose)


albatross is literally just a chad seagull, not a massive predatory bird that tears down massive floating wooden log structures