Is it ilegal to "use" the new ireland map's content to my own use?


Assuming that it’s technically gonna be on the workshop, not official.


While I do not know the exact legal implications behind this, you should at the very least contact the Ireland team and ask them for permission.


Because the map hasn’t been released yet as a time-curated map so not even reached the final Workshop map status.


Ah, I see.

How tho?
Steam profiles? Email?


So Ireland is not here to stay? It will only be available for 1 month and then you must download it from the workshop after that month?


Messenger Pigeon.


Ha Ha, Clever.


I’m dead serious mate.


I would advise against using our content on your map until the map has been moved onto the workshop. It may lead to a corrupted map file or objects disappearing as we edit and change them throughout updates. :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking so I could formerly respond though!


I see, Thanks in advance.


Oh and. Will you (or someone in the dev team) make the objects (and buildings) publicly accessible if the user have subscribed to Ireland map (or objects) in the workshop?


no. its not.