Issue with Custom Vehicle


So I tried making my first custom vehicle last night and it almost works except that is doesn’t move. I already showed it to a few people in the modding community but nobody could figure out my issue.

I can only upload one image and I think the issue is somewhere in here.


Visuals would be useful. Copy-paste of the .dat file, screenshots of it in Unity, et cetera. Stuff like that.


I could only add one.


Is that a wheelchair?


(ten characters)


Imagine seeing that in a hospital xd, just make sure it’s stamina powered xdxd


I’d like to see a bunch of osteoporosis mafias ruling the street.

Enough with the derailing. Have you checked the .dat file for that vehicle?


If there is more players and wheelchairs! We could use all of this to form CRIPPLETRON!


the .dat is fine