Its time for a revolution


so folks
how did we get to this point
were all out of tea
and baguettes
its about time we get a revolution here
its because of those elites taking all our bread
like yarrrr and his sword
he always cuts my bread
i can cut it myself
so… with that said

Its time to sip tea and raid the lounge

i’m all out of tea


@RedComm would like to know your location


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redcomm won’t get my bread
i’ll make him king of france XVI
the citizens will uproar
he’ll follow the same fate


okay what


the uniformed
we will welcome you to the enlightenment
as long as you join our stance


i feel different for being philosophical


Not if I cut your head off first.


Im out of bread wut do I do?


wait you had bread
and you didn’t tell us?


we will overthrow the moderator leaders and form a federation


You mean a republic?


i’m in it for a monarchy
fuck a republic system
because a monarchy is very easy to understand
the prince is elected to king after king dies and so on forth


And then revolutionaries rise up cut off the king’s head and establish a republic.


republic of fran-
wait monsieur Jacques? wait is he doing
put the white flag down, you madman


Guys they’re did surger on a grape

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Look what happend to mercury
killed by the elites
those damn chicken elites




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id like some tea

this kind to be exact


That’s not Liber-tea.


for the motherland, comrades