Keyboard not working


My laptop keyboard sometimes doesn’t work where the keys L,O and sometimes M dont type when pressed and you have to move the key around until it types and then after a minute or 2 of not being used, it goes back to the blank response. I don’t know what to do so I might just buy a keyboard and plug it into my pc so that i can type normally.


This is clearly a hardware issue, the best choice is buy a new keyboard.


It’s a laptop.


I know, Buying some known keyboard is better than opening your laptop to “try” to fix it.


If it is a hardware issue though, then why is it that most of the time my keyboard does work? (also this is only 3 keys we are talking about so i might get a new keyboard, or i might not if its fixable)


Because your keyboard itself is the problem, and that is quite literally a hardware problem in the basic sense of the word.


Yeah, just get a new keyboard. Seriously, I have a keyboard for my laptop (but it’s a different story entirely) and it’s a big help. Numpad especially.


is dust a hardware issue though?


If dust is affecting your hardware then there’s a hardware issue with whatever it’s affecting. If water is being poured on top of my motherboard I don’t call the water a hardware issue, but there’s definitely a hardware issue with the motherboard now.

You could always clean out dust though if you think that’s the culprit.


I will probably do that for my laptop eventually because the O and the L keys work decently (plz not jinxed now) but now my right arrow key doesn’t work (a fix that is annoying is shift+keypad 6)
and i’m kind of tired of this stuff just randomly happening.