Knocked out/unconscious sytem - w/Concept Art


My sleeping system is fairly compatible with the roadmap planned one. How? Well, if everyone’s in bed, night can still be skipped, and how much your stats are recovered is proportional to the amount of time skipped, which is also the time you’ve been sleeping. So it still keeps the inmersion and realism, but it happens in an instant, so it stays nicely balanced.

Being this way, the disadvantaged one will always be that guy who chooses to not sleep, for any reason.


Kinda agree with the guy that said most people will just kill you after they knock you unconscious… Why will I let you live? What do I get out of it? What’s the benefit?

I see a use in RP/no kos, would be a bit better if you could tie up and move unconscious bodies too.

But outside of RP most will just finish you off imo.


Maybe taking their guns, ammo and most important gear, then leave them tied up totally at their own risk, just to make things fair, e.g. if this person dumbly attacked you with no chance of winning at all, or if you are in the extreme need of stealing stuff from someone but you are pretty empathic, or even if you just wanted to mess with this person in a mean way without taking his gear and therefor not making an enemy. I’d do that, lol.

Also, as hardcore survival features will be greatly improved in Unturned II, people hopefully will be less prone to KoS (and toxic behavior in general). Injuries and death should represent a major inconvenient than they actually do.


That not true. Of you knocked somebody out, YOU would shoot them, but I would drag them back to my base and use them as a slave (basically forcing them to be my teammate.)


Interesting, I don’t think I’ve seen a ‘consciousness’ type bar in any games before.

Healing in Unturned II

Just a minor side note to this, I don’t think consciousness should be visible on the UI unless it’s actively being impacted, e.g. if you were just shot in the head but wore a helmet, thus giving you a concussion.


Wow! I brought the attention of the almight Nelson Sexton :slight_smile: I hope you would consider some sort of system in the game for Unturned 2. Anyways im thrilled to see that you actually found this interesting :blush:


Congrats, dood. You got blessed by nelson!


I will gif goot reason for no doin dis, if nalson døs dis he will less time for make tank. Less tank= less fun


Yea you could definitely make some sort of screen effect to show how far you are from losing consciousness


lolololololol exactly


this is where you get things wrong, because if you look at this from a pvp standpoint or just in general game experience. you can see that if torpor was a system in unturned, players wouldnt be able to tank headshots(with helmet) from snipers such as (grizzly, timber and ekho) and then just “jump, run, heal, run” and then just heal up to full health like the fact that you litereallly got pierced through your skull by a 50 cal like it never happend. this would balance unturneds pvp in general, and make it so that people cant just eat bullets, run behind cover, heal and come back like it never happend.


To be honest I haven’t really liked the idea when it was mentioned at first, but after looking through the things you can and can’t do and the explaination given, it’s be kinda funny dragging around someone with Nelson’s smiling face xD


hahaha, yea i could imagine it being fun


your argument is pretty strange, if i were to say that health in the game is shit because, i have low health then im pretty much fcked, is the same as you saying that the torpor bar needs work because “if you have low torpor then you’re fcked”. if you look at some of the factors on how you actually reach low torpor then you can clearly see that you dont randomly lose torpor, and the only ways you could actually get drasticly low, is in a fight. plus you would need to be knocked out by something to go into a lasting deficit of torpor to be fcked


The game gives you signs that your health is being lowered, and signs that you have low health besides the health bar, (Pain flashes and grey scale,) so the health system is already less binary than the suggested “torpor” system. In addition to that, I’ve already said

By which I mean, I would like the game to have a state between perfectly healthy and dead. There’s no double standard between the health system in game and your “torpor” system; I think they could both use work.

The health system in 3.X makes it so if you’re at low health, you’re at risk of being killed and set back, but not literally fcked. The “torpor” system would make it so that if you are ever below 50% maximum food or water, a couple of wacks from a paddle will put you in the state where you are unable to play the game and just watch as other players use stances and emotes to approximate what they think sex looks like until you mercifully are fed, murdered, or allowed to starve.


His argument isn’t strange at all, having no control over yourself and being helpless is NEVER a fun game mechanic for the victim.

In your original post you bring up that it would be more fun in teamfights, which is fair but if topor is instant, why wouldn’t someone instantly go for the extra bullet to finish someone off? Hell in normal fights you would probably instantly kill someone by accidently shooting one extra bullet with a full auto gun, or just in a panicked spam with a semi gun. You then go on to say how this would help a thief playstyle, but why would you not just finish someone off if you are a tryhard? You just put yourself at risk by not killing someone, and if the only way to get out of the state is to be fed or get adrenaline, this would just be even more dickish to do to someone as they are trapped in the state for a set amount of time. (unless there is some kind of give up mechanic, and even then solo players would probably instantly give up because they assume you are just going to screw with them.)

All of your RP points are fair, but (sadly?) most players dont RP

You say this would balance combat (thats similar to 3.0 we cant make any assumptions about 4.0 so this is going off a 3.0esque combat system) But it actually just completely breaks it the balance. It would be so broken if snipers in unturned could one tap a fully geared player, which is pretty much what you are saying you want, as they would be completely immobile and helpless, waiting for that second shot to kill them. This would make snipers in general ridiculously strong, and also make it way less important for players to carry meds, because whats the point if you can just get one tapped through all of your gear? I agree that the current med situation is broken, but letting guns effectively one shot is not the way to go about it. The other two points are the playerbases fault, but the last pvp based one just makes no sense at all in terms of balance, it would make a sniper meta be WAY to prevalent.


After reading his new comment i understand the argument better. Btw, my post and arguments are according to my experiences with 2.0 and 3.0, and if you’ve been updated on how Nelsons thoughts on 4.0 is going to be, then you would know that Nelson is trying to create a more survival focused game for 4.0. take into consideration that a system like this in unturned is hard to say specifically what can and what cannot happen.

Now if players fall unconscious after a fight, then they will regain consciousness automaticly as i stated in the post, so you’re not stuck in a coma. also, I would imagine that you wouldnt derive players option of suicide, which would mean that you can just kill yourself if you dont feel like being unconscious.

However statistically speaking, you would most likely be dead or close to death if you were to lose so much torpor that you are to fall unconscious during a fight, so unconsciousness wouldnt make u more vulnerable, but more that you still have a fighting chance to live. Which would mean that if you were to be so low that you’re alomst dead, and suddenly pull up a magic kit to heal full health, and run around like it never happend, sounds pretty stupid don’t you think? Torpor would literally make it so that players arent invincible gods who can run around heal, shoot, heal, shoot. And meds is not going to be any less important from the simple fact that, not everyone has a sniper and not everyone are able to hit headshots all the time. and as i stated earlier, you would be a lot closer to death than fainting when getting shot at, so healing would still have a big role to play.

You’re saying that if snipers had the ability to 1 shot people then it would be broken, but the fact is that snipers DO 1 shot people in unturned right now, unless you’re safeguarded by some magic helmet. Idk how much you’ve played with snipers in 2.0 or 3.0, but i have used them quite a bit and i can tell you that the bolt-action rifles such as ekho or timberwolf, are actually trash in 3.0. If you are lucky enough to land a headshot on a player with helmet, they will run, jump and heal like a maniac. And you’re not going to be able to land another shot before he is healed back up. The only viable sniper is grizzly, because it isnt bolt action, so you are actually able to finish off the player, but the other snipers are trash since they are not able to finish anyone off, with the fact that snipers have a slow bullet travel time and bullet drop.
I’ve played a lot of 2.0, and the timberwolf back then 1 shot everone in the head, no matter the helmet. including the fact that there was no bullet drop so headshots were pretty easy, i never complained about the gun being “Too op”, because the gun was rare and it made it sense. Also a factor ofcourse, the gun was loud as hell and you could hear it quite far, so you would already know that a person with a timber is around and you should probably not run blindly into the area that this person is in. it made it so that unturned isnt a shitfest of people running around in the frontline shooting and healing, but rather a more sneaky and realistic approach.


I’ve been thinking about your suggestion, and I think that it would be better if instead of a “torpor bar”, it’s made as an invisible value directly linked to your max stamina and any skills that helps you to make it decrease slower (therefor, increasing your endurance), which would directly mean that the less max stamina you have (the more fatigued), the more possibilities you have of getting unconscious uppon attack.

All of this is just in the case that my stamina management system is applied, which I think is the best so far about the whole stamina topic.


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