Knocked out/unconscious sytem - w/Concept Art


hahahahaha, riiight


Bonus points for hitting their knee, since they will lose control of their legs


legs will fall unconscious lolol




You have it in ARK


You cant add it without adding tanks, because if i dont have a tank i have no way of being not unconscious because tank keep me safe. Conclusion add tanks before everything jk jk


That doesn’t make sense at all.

The more logical thing is to add helmets, which protects your head and decreases the chance of falling unconscious upon taking a hard hit. What does the “tanks” thing come for?


This is what we call a bad joke.


In the start of the post, i was very negative. But as it went on, i actually began to like the idea.
In most games, they really can’t make it work. But the ideas i see here actually make me want to have a mechanic like this!

This will also mean that players will have a choice, either take gear from the player that you need, and let him live. Or take what you need, and then put an axe in his face.

I like this idea a lot lol. Having to help a fallen teammate will definetly bring a new aspect of teamwork in the game. The PvP certainly is lacking a new mechanic like this.

What worries me though, is how would you deal with it in singleplayer? You can’t really do anything while knocked out. Maybe make it only function in multiplayer? Idk, that also seems like a far stretch.


well as i stated

Falling unconscious wouldn’t mean that you would be in a coma, if you were to play singeplayer and your character would fall unconscious, then you would after “x” amount of time (depending on what factor put you to sleep) wake up.
And to be fair, this isn’t a full fleshed out idea, there is probably some controversial issues that must be dealt with before implementing a system like this. However Thanks for the response :slight_smile:


Oh, i guessed i missed that. It sure does bring some extra teamwork into battles.


That would be awesome, but also, they need to add sleeping through the night in Singleplayer badly.