Let 3.0 die, work on 4.0



I accept my fate and am ready to die.
No your gold membership and items won’t transfer over.
No more 3.0 updates.
Enough is enough

Fight me atheists.


Not atheist…



I wreally wanted to fight you…


The age of colorful, kid-vibrant unturned is over.
We need edge


Here’s your edge


sad violin


Only plebs want >$100 inventories


Plebs and their mythical flaming glitched shining snowman heads


I’m willing to rebuy gold if it comes in 4.0 again.


[10 chars]


I want >$9000. :smiling_imp:


Your trump hair is already >$900k


Quoth the Raven…NEVERMORE


Talking about that, how profitable whould 4.0 be compared to 3.0, since we won’t have key, box, and that item bundle sets to generate profit.

It whould be like in 2.0 right? Gold, and that’s it?

And then liveing off it combined with hoasting servers.

Man, I sure hope he has a plan.


My speculation is that gold will be more expensive this time around.
I’m not against the removal of cosmetics, but you do bring up a good point that this could take profit away from the game.

If Nelson is willing to sacrifice that for a pure, amazing game then I have mad respects for him.


But having a one-time payment for a long-term server management, i don’t think it’ll last. I am completely against monthly/yearly subscriptions, but Nelson has to find a way to make profit if he’s willing to keep the official servers running for years


We need a solution