More motorcycles


By that i meant having a few more,like enduro or sportbikes…


Please put…just a little more EFFORT into your posts…


Dude its not something big to put effort in it… xD


you could add what types of bikes, how they would work, pictures of said bikes, concept art of said bikes, reasons people should use said bikes once ingame, ect.


In addition, we don’t even know if motorbikes will be in the early versions of 4.0. And if they are, I’m sure Nelson would only need one for possible testing. Maybe this could be after motorcycles are implemented into 4.0. And is this even for the 4.0 section? This seems a bit like something for 3.0.


If there’s going to be sporty cars and such. I don’t see an issue in having various types of motorbikes.

Touring bikes which are great for travel being able to carry a lot and not burn a lot of fuel. Such as this

Touring bike examples

Dirt bike

Sport bikes

Apocalypse theme bikes