Necro-posting Pervention


A lot of people have a problem with Necro-posting I included. Though I have noticed something. The Suggested Topics sections suggest you threads long dead, in the picture below I have an example of this.

I myself have clicked on whatever sounds interesting by name, a don’t check when the last activity was. I reply to the post and all of a sudden I see that the previous post was 5 months ago.Screenshot_1182
Out of respect I usually delete the post, this post I’m showing above was taken today, it’s because of this slip up that made me make this post

My idea is to add a filter to the Suggested topics, preventing it from showing anything that hasn’t been replied to in over 1 month. Now, 1 month still is Necroposting to most, so a 2-week filter would be much better, though it’s not up to me.

Another thing to mention is that a “The person clicking on the post should check to see how old the post is” is true, a person should check to see how old the post is. Though you should and can never expect a person to ever do that, people are lazy and forgetful, so the best course of action, in my opinion, is to make sure that they really have to look in order to necropost.

What do you all think? Should this filter be made, or should the system stay the same?


I’d recommend making this optional, but enabled by default.

Also unrelated, but I don’t feel like making a post: TIL you can see a precise number of likes out of a more vague number by mousing over it



Yeah there should be an option to disable it, though for clumsy people (like me) you could just keep it enabled.


Not sure if this is easily feasible. Would be far simpler for posts to close automatically after x amount of inactivity, although that would become an annoyance to some people.

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