Nelson devlog pls


somebody’s inpatient


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It’s supposed to be “impatient” btw


shhhh all things eventually come my son. You must wait some time and the demos will come.


Doesn’t work. It only additional items such as scopes and laser sights. You have to manually equip the crossbow and take the arrow out.


Is the inventory system gonna be in grid mode, having multiple slots with some items taking a certain amount of slots. Or is it like EFT where there are large slots specifically for guns, and small slots for ammo?


I ment tf2 more so, but yeah Cubeworld too.


Ammunition has pretty much always been handled by Unturned as a “magazine attachment” so I don’t see why you couldn’t manage it the same as any other attachment.


I dont see why either
But it does somehow


New Devlog is gonna be 23:59 GMT +12


How do you know this?


Calculated, the last minute of 03.03.2019


Very smart man above me to the up okay


He`s clearly guessing or hoping


If only…