New curated map!? (((NOT CLICKBAIT))) [LEAKED]


Where’s Ali-A when you need him


wow is this kuwait 111


sand land boi


i think not too sure


whooooa alleteration


Rio is better :joy:


Does Rio have Rice in a polygonal burlap sack? I think not.


He’s too busy cringing the last few species of living beings on Earth with his videos.


True. The funniest cringe compilations are the ones centered around him XD


I’d be surprised if it were otherwise



This is the type of stuff that gives you diseases science cannot explain.


Doctor: I got some good news and bad news
Me: Bad news first.
Doctor: You’re diagnosed with a deadly disease
Me: and the good news?
Doctor: We’re naming this disease after you
Me: …


My dissapointment is immeasurable… And my day is ruined…jpg

Nice caption for an image?


Nice job noticing my B
Now to try to guess what I’m disappointed about



amount of time put into making the image or the fact its been 1 month later?