Nice cat


@SDGNelson :ok_hand:


Jasper better feature in 4.x


i’m actually surprised by this tweet, i’ve never seen this kind of openness from neslon


Well I mean, anything personal he already has that is in view of the public has been absolutely memed by people. even me sorry


Although I’m a dog person myself that cat looks likeable :wink:


Mhm. I really do enjoy when he posts about his life, as it allows the community to know how he’s doing and what’s going on in his life.


Yeah, showing people that Nelson ain’t a robot that listens to every command we give him. He has his own life to take care of.


Every single thing that Nelson does leads me to genuinely believe he’s a good human being.

Literally, even if you never knew who he was.


If we get animals with variants in their colors, we better have a cat that looks like Jasper.



I can see nelson in jaspers eyes


I’m here thinking 16 days later, that him featuring in a April fools update whould be nice.

And if you even dare to hurt jasper, you will instantly die a horrible death, like you get privately nuked