Post tracking AJ inserting unnecessary periods between his paragraphs


Edit: we have made history boys

I’ve noticed that AJ feels an innate urge to place periods between his paragraphs/sentences as opposed to pressing Enter twice, and since he’s never not done this, I’m turning it into a meme tracker post now. Yay!

Mildly OCD-triggering? Absolutely!


Instance #1

P.S: He’s been doing this ever since he joined the forums. I’m serious.


Turning the lounge into memes :thinking:


Hmm, good point, the mainstream population needs to marvel at this as well

in awe at the sheer size of the lad




Seriously though,

just press enter twice. It looks a lot cleaner.




truth is I do it everywhere, not just the forum XD, its kinda hard to break a habit like that, friend.


It looks really bad
Please just press enter twice
It’s not that hard


I do it automatically, If I dont catch myself on it, Ill do it. deal wit it


You’re the one that needs to deal with it. This is an intervention. We’ll all be there to support you, but the only one who can change you is you.



am ded

but actually though if you could make your first ever non-period comment here you’d make history for all to see


This comment will have no periods :stuck_out_tongue:


did i start a trend


Did you
Do this
To me


cause I wanted too


at least he isn’t one of those dudes capitalizing every word in a sentence


What’s Wrong With Doing That

I Don’t See Any Issue At All With Capitalizing Every Word In Sentences Because It Still Seems Quite Readable Does It Not Silly ShadyIndividual Why Do You Tell Me What I Can Or Cannot Do You Don’t Own Me ShadyIndividual You Bully Scum You


A Post Tracking Every Single One Of MoltonMontro's Posts Starting June 16th to July 16th


He’s on period.
Literally. Ma’am.


Im a lad, not a lass.


If you’re a “lad”

Then why did you listen to Johnny roads - Count denver? Nibba.