PSA: Recategorizing posts seems to show up in Latest, no matter how old the posts are


My bad, everyone, I was just going around sorting all the posts in #site-feedback into the appropriate subcategories and then realized that they count as recent activity. Please ignore that, I’m sure you’re bound to see some random stuff from September 2017 on the feed now.

I’d also like to request that recategorization not count as post activity.


Sometimes they actually don’t too, as sometimes they don’t even get marked as edited. :wink:


checks my “site feedback” posts
finds out that GHJ edited them
But why?


To put them in a category instead of the equivalent of no category/uncategorized.


They were categorized tho
They were in “site feedback”


Site Feedback is the equivalent of Uncategorized when subcategories like Site Feedback:Forum exist.

Except Site Feedback:Misc is basically the subcategory for things that don’t fit in Forum or Wiki.


The way i see it, site feedback is what we use to put posts regarding the website itself, such as the “unknown error” I kept getting when trying to log in


Correct, except now, that feedback can be broken down further into topics about the forum and topics about the wiki, as well as miscellaneous stuff like the blog.

If you look carefully it’s a subcategory, your post is still within #site-feedback


I kinda noticed the new color near the post name
Still triggered tho xD