Questionable Ethics - Utah


Yeah, now we have custom clothes.


Live in Utah, can confirm this is what its like.


no 7 foot tall aliens on display

0/10 no ethics questionable in picture


wondering how that dude dodged those bullets above him


agility 100


the photo is not realistic if you surrender in unturned no one will stop stop to shoot in you.


live in utah, can confirm that scientists are shot on sight every day. and if one survives, a massive booming voice saying Mission failed, we’ll get em next time explodes through the sky. its astonishing actually


liar - the “Mission failed, we’ll get em next time” voice is only in the UK


Nuuuuu, its in utah as well. It also in my head.


so you’re a schizo


That bullying. Call him a special child.


he’s the freeman


Questionable Ethics 1

edgy joke hahahahahaahahahahahah epic

Especially if you come out as gay.


tbh down here its flipped. Say your Mormon and people freak out because for some reason the people who hate Mormons live here. Makes no sense.


Are you sure you’re in Utah? The only place i can imagine that happening is in Salt Lake city.


Yup. I do attend a really sciency school near Salt Lake City. The other areas are a lot more mundane.


Ahh, alright. you better be studying aerospace science, i’m gonna be there soon


Need to remember to make the churches have zombies in church clothes in them xd… white suit and tie. But that would only be because the apocalypse happened on sunday or sumthing, also black pants with the white suit and tIe. Or you can just use the vanilla tuxedo shirt and pants? I dunno


missionary clothes for utah are tottaly not going to be market cosmetics xxDx