Release Date Guessing Game



With 4.0 coming Soon™, I decided to make a game for us to play. Comment the date you think 4.0 will come out (first beta) and we’ll see who came closest.

My guess is July 1st, 2018.

EDIT: Forgot to leave out that no one can have the same date as another person.
EDIT 2: Full dates please.
EDIT 3: No saying ‘a date between’, it has to be a normal date.


Where is the meme ?

What do you mean by the release date, just the beta or the actual game ?


And also it’s probably better here than in say, #unturned-4 because of how discussions in there are a bit more serious.


July 1st

in awe at the leaf of this lad


There’s a joke in your post that I’m not getting…


2019 of course


canadian confederation was on july 1st, 1867


The more you know.


My guess is November 7th.


August 9th 2018 for 1st beta


That’s not how it works…


Why is that not how it works?


16 july the birth of unturned this year


In 2001,with a HL3 Bundle


July 1st

Canada Day intensifies :canada:


July 7th. Just for the novelty of it.


In 0/0/0 Pretty Cool ,Huh?


I would say Sept 11th, 2001

Or july 4th, 2018 (my B-Day! ^-^)


That was in pretty bad taste.


Someone had to say it :woman_shrugging: