Ruin Nelson's Day: Post-Vacation



By not-so-popular request, Ruin Nelson’s _____ has returned!
Now go forth, my minions!


AJ teleport into the room and falls on his computer. AJ then gets murdered by the unturned fanbase


Let me clarify: photoshop it in the strangest way possible
add a zombie, or a computer exploding, etc.


The first Turned. Not large enough to eat heads though.


I tried.


This is what happens before Nelson gets a burnout. Too much commitment.


5033bf69671c2a6661ca5eeeb69eb635b3831652_1_690x388 F.B.I. OPEN UP!


Look at the cute little drone!


I know. I’m bad.


Sorry Nelson


Come back! Baby


He needs to learn how to hang a curtain.


Well I have a Photoshop type of program xd, on my tablet, which I’m using my phone rn


best one (10 chicken nugget limit)


Nelson has his priorities set straight


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Nelson has his priorities set gay.