Ruin Nelson's Hawaii Vacation



I drew a really stupid picture of Nelson on the beaches of Hawaii, and… this happened:
So… feel free to make Nelson’s day on the beach even worse xd Update Notes

Maybe can we get the paparazzi on him?


Pepperoni is better hawaiianNelsonwith some fresh coke






needs more circles and arrows pointing nowhere



You’re welcome



stupid 10 characters


i thought we supposed to make it better :confused:


it is better


i knew it battleeye is what ruined nelsoNs vaCaTiON




For your convenience:



Oh No! In a ironic twist of fate, he ended up on the cruse ship during… Wait…

The Zombie!?! outbreak!

We must save Nolson!:scream:

Assemble!! Assemble!:white_flag:

And for all sakes don’t make it worse!!

Save NOLSON!!!:crossed_swords::shield::woman_zombie:

We can worry about our own problems latter


It’s okay, Nelson never leaves home without his trusty Golden Desert Eagle


Golden desert falcon*


Error, Error, Golden desert Eagle not found.

Zombie approaching detected.

Advise immediate action.

Dammit guys! I gave us one job!

Quick, do something! We cant let our Nolson Get attacked!



Zombie1.exe has stopped working



Ok guys, what have you done?

Zombie1.exe has certainly stopped working! And is now the cage… Wait, Now the Cage virus is a real thing now…

Reminder, Self.

We can worry about our own problems latter

Like seriously… Wut?

I swear, if you let him become Nicolas Sexton, I’m going to headhunt every single one of you!

You hear me?

I will headhunt, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!


Uhh… Guys I can only hold time for about a day and a half…

Can you…

Not make Nicolas Sexton a reality?


This is hard :cold_sweat:


~~Or I swear