Sectionalized Clothing - w/ Concept Art



Yeah, that would be a nice addition.

Late comments are always okay if you have something meaningful to add to the discussion, by the way.


i like it but it means i cant horde things anymore ha ha


You totally can, just not large stuff.

Either way this will put emphasis on a loot cache or base. Or perhaps people will actually choose carefully what to pick up now.


Oh tarkov, there infentar such a headache, a backpack in a backpack and there pouch with a package of milk, patron and glasses. (my comment is just a scream of pain))


At least their inventory Tetris actually follows the grounds of logic.

Unlike in U3 where you can shove a minigun up your pants, and where you can fit 8 backpacks inside another backpack.


Hopefully there won’t be any miniguns in 4


I don’t think just removing the gun will solve its problems


if they remove my mini gun i will commit deathpastito and screem reeeeeeeeeeeeee throughout ridgewood or what ever the town was called


the mini gun is only useful for raiding, it would be cool if you could mount it to a car.


In conjunction with @Noobyfish, I’d say miniguns, if they ever appear in UII, should be very specifically restricted to vehicles or stationary defenses, tops.

It’s reasonable that an endgame military helicopter variant might have one (albeit with really, REALLY bad accuracy at range) since, for example, Canadian helicopters are armed with them IRL. (The ammunition for miniguns is super expensive, so it would be equally logical to make the caliber of a minigun unique, like that of U3’s HMG) Maybe one could even assemble a stationary gatling gun defense by finding parts and using craftsmanship to complete the rest. However, man-portable miniguns are definitely out of the question.

Alternatively, if you happen to have 6 SKS's...


holy shit, 9 month necro


Man portable miniguns should be a thing, but really, really heavy, making you walk very slowly as if you were crouching or proning. Ammo would be as rare as the HMG ammo, too.


They could add it, but I could be heavy and make you move slow as when carrying it.