Sectionalized Clothing - w/ Concept Art



This is just: wow. Perfection. Great idea, and I really hope Nelson sees this and makes this a thing in 4.x.

A few things I do want to point out:

Bottom right, the cargo pants slot. Nelson will also have to find a way (or you :wink: to make generators a different size or too much weight to carry in the pants. The current portable generator is 4x4 slots, and in real life that would be way too big to fit in your pants (even though it’s called portable).

It may be a bit too harsh, but I think there should be a little barrier that makes you unable to store for instance a fish inside your vest. Like, the vest should be limited to use for magazines, knives and other military related stuff. Carrying a fish around in your vest may be a bit f i s h y.

The backpacks could also have pockets, like I drew out here:

(bit ugly I know, yet it’ll do for now)

That’s all commentary I have. as I said, great idea, hope it gets implemented!


I don’t think there needs to be restrictions on what is allowed in things like the vest. I mean if the fish fits, hey! I should be able to stick a fish in it. Then you can just lower your head and eat while you shoot!


Not bad, not bad at all. I do like this but it’s just an extra level that I’m not certain is needed. Granted it would be really neat, just don’t feel too fond of the idea in actual play. My main issue is the difference between early game and late game.

Early game, you don’t usually have much clothing and sometimes you can’t carry even the simplest of things, this would make early game even more of a hell.

Late game, well, I mean, you already have good clothing and the sort. Don’t really have to worry about carry space as long as you’re not being a pack mule.

Yes, this DOES give an increased need for clothing but at the same time, if clothing is highly sought after, people are going to be willing to fight for it. Take this as you will, some will see this as another reason to kill…others may take it their own way.


if clothing is highly sought after, people are going to be willing to fight for it. Take this as you will, some will see this as another reason to kill…

I already kill for clothing and its usually just for one tier “better” like military so your right about that. :womans_clothes:


I must admit, my expression of agreement could not be greater


i like your concept.


I like the idea. It’ a good one and the realism of it will add to balance. I think it would be cool if weight could be added as a factor. For example, is it realy resonable to fit into your alice pack a hell’s fury and a coupe of assault rifles? I generator and pump jack maybe? Weight should come into play.

In general, the more you carry the slow you move. I’d also say, the mroe packed your inventory is, the more likely it is for stuff to fall out while running and fighting. So if you fill your vest, say, with ammo and small stuff, fine. But as you stack items (I beleive Harvest mentioned stacking) you begin adding to a chance variable of simply dropping stuff while running, fighting, swimming, i.e. any thing you have to exert yourself under.

Likewise, as heavy stuff slows you your stamina comsumption, food, water all should increase. In survival preparedness weight is a major factor in your planning as it relates directly to energy consumption. I think this would add the need for a lot of strategic planning, and perhaps even the need for vehicles to carry heavy stuff.


Personaly I whould have the durability stat determine if something fell out while I was running from a psychopath.

Like that 100% cargo pants has some good belcrow on it (i bet I bucherd that word), but that 25% swimming short has some inventory spots missing and a 0.1% every 10 seconds to drop a item.

If that was the case, it whould add additional value to keeping your clothing in shape.

Though, lets have the lessening inventory and random drop thing start to happen after a certain percent… Like 50%?



While that would be realistic, it would also be incredibly tedious and/or irritating.


The problem with random drop chance things is there are only two ways you can really work that system. you could either have it drop the item without telling the player, or tell them that it was dropped. Either way it ends up being annoying.
With the first way players would stop and look through their inventory only to realize the can of beans meant to keep them alive is now mysteriously missing. Most players probably wouldn’t even know about item drop chance and Nelson gets flooded with bug reports.
If you tell the player something drops then they just stop and pick it up, slightly annoyed at this unnecessary game mechanic.


Meant to reply when you first posted: this seems like a really nice way of doing it, will be implemented in 4 at some point. :slight_smile:

Plus R to reload using items from the vest slots

Unturned II Inventory System

I’d appreciate it if reloading wasn’t exclusive to the vest (then what would be the purpose of quivers?) and if additional ammunition could be assigned to other hotkeys.


This is why we love you Nelson. Just right upfront; “Good idea, I’ll add that sometime.”

Anyway, i too really like this idea.


Thank you! That would be really awesome, given the potential this can have in terms of changing the meta; namely away from PvP and more towards survival/realism.

It’s good to know that you’re always open to quality suggestions. Keep up the good work as well.


You know what this might break a few things but i somehow love it!


…um, he meant for guns. Obviously if you didn’t have a tactical vest it would take a magazine out of somewhere else. And use the mushy stuff in your head! If you have a quiver, the bow would take arrows out of that.


I am using the ‘mushy stuff in my head’ (it’s called a brain, which you’d know if you had one.) Nothing that you said is in Nelson’s reply, or anywhere else, just because an idea makes sense doesn’t mean it’s already planned.


It’s is just common sense. My mushy stuff in my head is working just as hard.


Vest would be for gun ammo, quiver for bow ammo :smiley:
Darn someone already replied


I know this is a bit late but possibly you could add different sized slings/holsters to hold different sized guns onto your backpack or vest.

For example attaching a medium sized sling would allow you to carry an extra Eaglefire on your person in case your current gun breaks, whereas a large sling would allow you to carry some kind of sniper, holsters for pistols and smaller slings for SMGs