Sentry Guns Idea


-Armored Sentry Gun (More HP) (Several levels of armor) (More slots) (Turns 10% slower than normal sentry gun) (Banned Hell’s Fury)
-Anty-Vehicle Sentry Gun (Attacks enemy vehicles) (Does not attack if the person in your team is in a vehicle or it has been up to 10 minutes in the past)
-360* Sentry Gun (360 degree field of view) (Turns 10% faster than normal sentry)
-Sniper Sentry Gun (Viewing distance from 70 meters to 120 meters) (~45 degree field of view)

-Exceptions to which the sentry gun does not shoot
-Setting the level of aggressiveness
-Automatic reloading (additional slots for magazines)
I would also prepare craftings, but I do not know what items will be unturned 4.0


I agree but, it will be OP.

I don’t like it but it what about to make the (Hostler) sentry shoots Enemy vehicles?


No, Just no.

Please, Don’t use Hastags.


I see around (steam forum and here) lots of threads that basically suggest to port 3.0 pvp features into II, I really see no sense in this. II should be a new survival experience with a brand new concept to follow. If every 3.0 game mechanic and feature simply gets ported to II, how can we expect that II will be in any way different from its predecessor? I think that suggestions with this line of thinking (generally speaking) will simply push Nelson in making a 3.0 with better graphics and hopefully a smoother gameplay.
Honestly I expect a different thing, but hey maybe I got it wrong.


In my opinion it will still be unturned only much more developed


Except Unturned was a PvP-centric experience with very little in terms of actual survival mechanics or progression, while Unturned II is completely different, being a hardcore survival-centric experience that prioritizes realism.

Your intentions are good, but a lot of 3.0’s mechanics (like horde beacons) will most likely not make the cut.


He didn’t use hashtags, you made it up. All you did was quote the entire thing and change it to #bad English and #google translate

i changed this quote so that people think you called me an idiot, but if you go to the original quote, it says the real thing.


NO. No Fury on sentries. Just NO.


If it were just a “more developed” 3.X, then why not just develop 3.X more?


from what I know, it’s about engine optimization


I actually I don’t think that you’re idoit


Sentry guns are ones of those features highly suggested by people who have no idea why they want it other than ‘It’s cool’, which tempted the dev into adding it. I think the other reason is to have a role in unbalanced base raiding and horde beacon, both being problems in the current game

I have mixed feelings honestly. Though if it was added, the blueprint needed a revamp so it needs advanced components. For example:

  • High-quality metal
  • Electronic components/scrap
  • Movement sensor?
  • A military machine gun

And if the enemies are tougher to fight, I’m sure there’s nothing wrong adding expensive sentries.


Rust intensifies

But yes, IMO there’s no real reason to diversify sentries beyond perhaps having basic automated guns, and even those are a bit of a stretch. Surely, this appears to be more of a job for modding than for Nelson, even though I am aware of his increasing fondness of automated processes.