Severity Levels Of Weather


How about different weather is also affected climate, say in desert ( Arizona) wind would create a sand storm almost like a blizzard except without coldies, Or Storms in the desert could cause increase in wild life vegetation and create small strems, little thing like that could help unturned, and netflix saxophone.


Oh, I swore I didn’t saw that. Pretty cool that you did included that… bummer.

Anyhow, I didn’t say that a tornado would be OP, I just say that it’s rather… What do you say, too much wild? But that’s just purely what I thought of, not really a fact.


I h e a r d s a n d s t o r m s.
w o k e


I like the idea of having variety with weather, but I think that there should be a line between natural disasters and weather.
The idea of a tornado is a natural disaster, but the idea of heavy rain isn’t. Weather should also have a debuff on players, whether it’s rain making you slower, snow making you colder or sandstorms abstructing your vision while also making traversing the area more dangerous.


This is a really cool idea


Add a section where you explain how the sea will be affected, especially by the wind.

Since you spoke of tornados (and not jus of storm), why don’t we bring this to the next level, and add also bigger stuff as earth quakes, tsunami and forests that can get ignited?
Meteor showers anyone? (not joking)


At first glance it sounds HELLA over the top. Elaborate please


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It’d be interesting (although also quite disappointing) if the tornado only spawned out of bounds, and didn’t actually enter the play area. Noise and abnormal wind speeds would still be a thing, but then the tornado could be as janky and “optimized” as desired. Just make it a 2D image!

Just food for thought, and even if people are ultimately against tornadoes this would technically still be a viable-ish alternative? Except for the part where every Steam Discussions post for the game would ask for the tornadoes to enter the playing area, of course.


indeed, indeed.


Your base getting offline raided is already annoying, but atleast you can sometimes figure out who did it and raid them back

Imagine logging in one day and seeing that a completley RNG based event destroyed 2 hours of work while you were sleeping, and you were 100% hopeless to stop it or do anything.

That is the exact opposite of a fun and interesting game mechanic


This is a very reasonable argument against tornadoes. Personally, I’m not too sure myself why a lot of us seem to have had a change of heart towards such natural disasters anyways.

Personally, I wouldn’t want tornadoes in the game. Even with some of the weirder balance suggestions people throw out like “single-player exclusive feature,” “disabled by default,” or even “cannot destroy offline bases,” it’s not that desirable to me.

Rather than focus on things like arbitrary weather conditions, I’d make the temperature system directly influence the precipitation that occurs on official maps. Focus on a more dynamic weather system, rather than strict levels (however, levels could be used in commands or in the editor to help better define the map’s average weather conditions).

Not only should weather be dynamic, but it should be progressive. As a storm rages on, the downpour should increase until eventually leveling off and the storm starts to die down. As a new season approaches, and the temperature starts to balance out again, we should start to see things that are almost constantly in effect.

  • Lakes begin freezing over, or frozen lakes begin thawing.
  • Frost begins to more frequently appear on grass and other such things.
  • Flowers bloom, or grass dies.
  • Temperature drops, or rises.
  • Animals become more populated, or begin to hibernate (and spawn less frequently, except possibly in special “hibernation” spawning zones).

This seems more engaging to the player than things like “tornadoes.” People would be afraid of tornadoes, sure, but what does it add to the game? It’d wreak havoc, and that’s about it. Weather (especially if tornadoes are a thing) shouldn’t be decided by complete RNG.

Instead, having a constantly progressive and dynamic weather system allows players to prepare for the future, by acknowledging what’s going on around them.


Just to be clear, I do agree with pulpfreewater, there have been older posts suggesting tornadoes that destroy buildings and I’m completely against that. That’s why I suggested only taking down trees and props like traffic lights and other destroyable objects.


So do you mean that cold temperatures would automatically trigger rain? I’d agree with that as long as there’s a possibility of that happening OR not, so cold AND dry days can be a thing.

I should also point out that for a weather to reach level 3 it would have to go through level 1 and 2 before, so I guess this way it matches a bit more with what you wanted. (Actually lemme just add that to the post)


No. Rain shouldn’t be occurring if it’s cold out. If it’s below freezing, then precipitation, when it occurs, would be snow/hail/etc.

I assumed so, but that’s still a sudden change that’d occur. For example:


I’ve heard that Rust uses this method were the game will send you IA enemies directly to your location, as a result of some particular actions. Now that this is true or not, this could be a nice starting point idea to still use these weather disaster events.

Basically, the game will have some triggerable events that will start based on the weather conditions + a RNG chance, and these will be possible to happend only when you’re online.

To trigger the events you will have to be at a icertain point in the game like having a base that is X big, or having some of the special structures like the workbench and a generator, or a mix of these things.
Anything that makes the game understand that you’re not a fresh spawn let’s say, that just made a 1x1 hut.

Would be odd to have a small base just finished then it starts raining and TORNADO!!!


Hail actually happens when the ground temperature is warm, but it’s cold up high. Also, hail is coupled with “Anvil Top” thunderclouds.


By the Beaufort scale, I’d consider L1 a level 4 wind, L2 a 7, and L3 a 10. Taking note that levels fade in and out, so tornadoes would be seen forming and dying.

I could make separate topics for each weather going more in-depth with what I pretend, so info doesn’t get lost in comments and the main post doesn’t get too big.


Kilometer of text? Ha. This was a relief.

If heavy winds could appear in heavy rain and in blizzard, that would be very nice :ok_hand: